TFT: Patch 11.5 Will Mean The Rise of Mage and Elderwood

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What will these changes do to the meta?

It’s time for another Patch update for TFT with Patch 11.5. Two weeks sure have flown by since the last update.

This time around, we’re going to be getting some changes to the way debuffs are applied, meaning after today they won’t stack anymore. Also, if there are multiple debuffs on the same champion, the strongest debuff will become the priority for the debuff duration.

This change was made to try and stop some odd combos from happening between certain champions and items. So hopefully this is going to make playing TFT a little more bearable… or maybe we won’t even notice a difference.

What trait Changes are coming for Patch 11.5?

So there aren’t many trait changes in Patch 11.5. Keeper is going to have a slight nerf. The 2 and 4 Keeper comps won’t be changed, but if you were thinking of running a 6 Keeper comp, then forget about it. The shield damage was lowered from 275 to 250.

The other trait getting a slight update is Vanguard. Vanguard won’t have much changed on its added armor, but the magic resist is getting a hit going from 20/40/70/100 to 10/25/50/80. This is going to put a stop to those clown comps with unkillable Vanguard champions.

Lunar Goddess Diana
Diana seems to be on the buff and nerf board quite often (Credit: Riot Games)

Which Tier 1 Champions are getting buffed and nerfed?

Diana. Because it seems like Diana just has to be on the chopping block each and every patch. You nerf her? She is useless. You buff her? OP! There is no in-between with this 1-Cost champion. Her Pale Cascade shield amount is going to be going from 175/250/350 to 200/300/450.

She isn’t the only 1-Cost though, these are the other 1-Cost champions getting buffed in Patch 11.5:

  • Nasus Wither damage: 350/550/750 ⇒ 350/550/850

  • Nidalee Mana: 0/70 ⇒ 0/60

  • Yasuo Striking Steel Attack Damage Ratio: 180/185/190% ⇒ 190/200/210%

Lulu is getting a slight change this patch and we predict she is going to be hella annoying (Credit: Riot Games)

Which Tier 2 Champions will see a change in Patch 11.5?

For 2-Cost champions, not much will be changing. Lulu is going to have her mana changed from 80/150 to 75/140. Lulu just got a little bit more annoying this patch.

Our good support Janna is getting a slight nerf, her shield at the 2- and 3-star form getting lowered from 250/300/400 to 250/275/350. Hopefully, this doesn’t make her completely obsolete, but her shields were very overpowering, especially when combined with a Yuumi for ultimate healing and shielding.

What Tier 3 Champions are on the list for Patch 11.5?

In this tier, we’re getting only buffs, and honestly… what? I’ve been one-shot by Veigar more times than I can count and yet he is getting a buff? So beware in the coming weeks of a rise in Mage and Elderwood comps with both his buff and the Lulu change!

  • Akali Five Point Strike Damage: 175/250/400 ⇒ 200/275/450

  • Sivir On the Hunt Bonus Attack Damage: 100/200/400 ⇒ 100/200/350

  • Veigar Dark Blossom Damage: 450/600/900 ⇒ 500/650/1000

Firecracker Sejuani
Sejuani has just been such a good champion who doesn't even need synergies to do well (Credit: Riot Games)

Which Tier 4 Champions will get buffed and nerfed?

Sejuani has been an amazing champion who could be used in just about any comp thanks to her stun, which is why she is on the list for nerfs. She will be a little bit weaker due to the change, but still a strong frontline tank.

  • Aurelion Sol with Mage trait activated now casts his 2nd cast 0.1 seconds later

  • Morgana: Removed the Magic Resist Shred from her tooltip

  • Sejuani Firecracker Stun Duration: 2.5/3/6 ⇒ 2/2.5/8 seconds

What Tier 5 Champions will we be seeing in Patch 11.5?

Two champions are on the list and Samira is the one with the most changes. The update to her kit will hopefully open her up to new and fun build paths. She will also be just a bit more powerful to truly make her feel like the 5-Cost she is supposed to be.

  • Samira Inferno Trigger now deals base physical damage in addition to a percentage of her Attack Damage

  • Samira Inferno Trigger Damage: 0/0/0 ⇒ 15/25/40

  • Samira Inferno Trigger Attack Damage % scaling: 50/60/80% ⇒ 30/40/60%

  • Yone Unforgotten Mana Cost: 20 ⇒ 10

Which Items will change in Patch 11.5?

With the Aurelion Sol changes, Trap Claw is going to be a useful item and will actually work against the mystical dragon. Two other items are also going to be on our list though.

Statikk Shiv is getting a buff and will now do 65 instead of 60 damage while Deathblade starting stacks are going to be lowered from 4 to 3.

So that’s it. That’s the changes going live today on the TFT servers!

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