TSM Looking To Pick Up Maple in the Mid Lane

For the first time in the orgs history, TSM did not manage to make it into the LCS playoffs. After a horrible Spring Split, the team is looking to make some changes...
PSG Talon Maple
Maple is going to the LCS?! | © Riot Games

TSM is one of the most storied franchises in League of Legends history. No matter which event you go to, you'll be hearing chants of 'TSM, TSM' even if the team hasn't qualified. But during the 2022 Spring Split, the team faced nothing but problems.

The team had picked up a young talent from the LDL, hoping to cultivate the players, but their Spring Split ended in disaster with the team not even making the 2022 LCS Spring Playoffs, a first in the orgs League of Legends history.

Maple To Join TSM

Huang "Maple" Yi is a well-known veteran in the League of Legends scene, most notable for his time on the Flash Wolves and PSG Talon. According to sources from Upcomer, TSM is looking to sign the mid laner ahead of the Summer Split to complete their roster.

Maple has been part of Anyone's Legend in the LPL, but left the team after a 13th place finish with a 5-11 record. A move to the LCS would make sense for the player who is an incredibly accomplished mid laner. Maple would replace former mid laner Keaiduo who had been demoted to TSM Academy during the Spring Split.

TSM Looking for New Support Player

During the 2022 Spring Split, TSM had some problems in their bot lane with support player Shenyi. The 19-year-old was sent down to the Academy team and even benched for locking in a champion without communicating with his team.

The team is looking to fill the role with former Estral Esports player Choi "Mia" Sang-in. Mia is a rather unknown player who had spent the last few years in the LLA. Will this mean that the team is going to be able to improve on their ninth place finish in the 2022 Summer Split? With a veteran like Maple at the helm, TSM could likely improve.

The biggest issue could be communication with various import players on the squad, but will TSM really be a contender for the 2022 World Championship?