3-0 Week Puts TSM at LCS Top

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TSM rose to the top of the LCS in week 3 with three decisive wins. Spring champions Cloud9 and hopefuls Dignitas, meanwhile, had a hard slump with a 0-3 week. What more surprises await us in the summer?

The third week of the LCS gave fans of NA League of Legends several much-awaited games and several big upsets. Check them out below!

Broxah's Vi Punches to Vi-ctory

The day opened with a match between Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, two teams that looked shaky in the opening weekend but a lot better in week two. EG dominated the game ever since a 4-2 fight just 5 minutes in. They kept getting the better of C9 with a classic Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro’s Ryze performance.

Another spring contender, Team Liquid, had little problem taking down FlyQuest. Edward "Tactical" Ra’s Varus got fed early and his poke damage was instrumental in TL winning mid-game fights. TL’s aggression got them aced in the enemy base, but they won with a cheeky double teleport.

TSM opted for an early-game approach against Immortals and got an early lead. IMT rose up in the mid-game and the teams traded blows, even both getting a baron steal, but TSM’s macro play kept them a step ahead.

Dignitas faced Golden Guardians in the fourth game of the day, getting ahead after an even early game. Things looked dire for GG until they won two skirmishes to take the mountain soul and Baron and stole the win from Dig's fingers.

100 Thieves were big favorites against Counter Logic Gaming, but apparently Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen had a different idea. His Vi was everywhere, giving his team a big gold and dragon lead. 100T had no way back into the game and could not find a single kill in the 30-minute game.

100 Thieves' Baron Steal Seals the Deal against FlyQuest

Cloud9’s troubles continued in the game against Immortals. Despite suffering in the top lane, IMT had a big breakout 18 minutes in that resulted in them getting a bit inhibitor. Cloud9 tried to fight back, but Immortals controlled the map and would grind down their opponents’ base before ending the game.

Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming both came into their game on a high note and for the first twenty or so minutes it was pretty even. However, 22 minutes in CLG scored a huge teamfight win that netted them the Baron. They never let up, winning another upset victory.

The third game of the day featured Dignitas and TSM. The two teams stayed close early, but TSM were more organized in the mid-game. They punished a hail Mary Baron by Dig 33 minutes in, routing them to end the game.

FlyQuest took on 100 Thieves next. Though the Thieves were ahead in most of the game, FQ kept up initially. The mid-game belonged squarely to 100T, who capped it off with a Baron steal worthy of their name and ended the game several minutes later.

The day ended with a bout between Golden Guardians and Team Liquid. TL were on point and would often turn around even unfavorable fights. GG had no answer and it was a convincing win for the favorites.

TSM Win Showdown with Cloud9

Sunday’s games started with a match between Dignitas and Counter Logic Gaming. CLG kept their momentum, taking the early game lead. Dignitas tried to turn it around, but CLG consistendly won these fights and secured the victory. With this, they end the weekend with three wins - while Dignitas has to take the 0-3.

The second game was the much-awaited 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid. The thieves had a great start, but TL’s solo laners Thomas "Jenkins" Tran and Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen also showed up. In the clutch fights, however, Can "Closer" Çelik’s Diana found key engages, winning the game for 100T.

The match of the week - TSM vs Cloud9 - featured great plays with both teams. Luka "Perkz" Perković on Syndra was more active in the early game but TSM equalized - and then won after a clutch Lee Sin ult from Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon nailed C9’s mid laner in the key fight.\

FlyQuest took on Immortals next. The green team had the early lead but as the mid-game started, IMT became an unstoppable deathball. They used Nocturne and Rakan ultimates to wrong-foot FlyQuest time and again for a slow, but sweet victory.

Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses played the last game of the night. EG dominated the early game with great Lucian play by Jiizuke. The Guardians had some good skirmishes due to Nicholas Antonio "Ablazeolive" Abbott’s Viego. However, EG managed to avoid any surprises and deservedly won.

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The LCS continues next weekend, starting with a game between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. For more LoL news and analysis, follow our coverage at Earlygame!