Vitality Confirms 2022 LEC Roster With Three New Top Tier Players

Team Vitality have confirmed their roster for the 2022 LEC season, now featuring three new players you might already be familiar with.

Teamn Vitality
Brand new roster, good old faces. | © Team Vitality

We are only weeks away from the start of the new year. 2022 is going to greet us with a brand-new season 12 and already some remarkable skins on the line. Also, another LEC year, of course. Spring Split is going to start on January 14th, and we are friggin hyped! What will the next chapter of League of Legends have in store for us?

There is already a lot going on with rosters of the LEC teams being announced as we speak. Seriously, they are coming out faster than rebellious teenagers in a close-minded household. This night, for example, Team Vitality announced their roster for the LEC 2022 Spring Split. And this is very much what this piece of writing is about.

Who Is In Team Vitality?

The new roster of Team Vitality includes the following players:

CarzzyADCCzech Republic



Team Vitality announced this roster on Twitter as the 'biggest LEC roster ever seen'. That being said, they did buy themselves some top-tier players. Mid laner Perkz coming straight outta Murica where he played a solid summer split for Cloud9, resulting in an 8th place at the Worlds 2021. Perkz is rejoining the LEC after the years and years playing for G2 Esports, making them a serious international contestant in nearly every split.

Another newbie in the roster of Team Vitality is top laner Alphari. The 22 year-old has been playing for Team Liquid lately and is now making his way to Europe again. You might still know him from the good old Origin days back in 2018/19.

You might also be familiar with new Vitality ADC Carzzy. The wonder-boy (Solo Queue ID: 'mommys milk yum') performed for MAD Lions for a second time this year on a Worlds stage. It was all fun and games until ShowMaker and DWG KIA cut off his head... Figuratively, of course. Imagine the blood on stage, disgusting. Carzzy will be part of the team alongside support Labrov who joined Team Vitality in May 2020. Team Vitality's roster is completed by jungler Selfmade who has an LEC history dating back years. Ah, people we know already, lovely. Keeping up with the vital Vitality spirit!

Who Is The Coach Of Vitality?

Louis-Victor 'Mephisto' Legendre remains in head coach position for Team Vitality in the upcoming LEC 2022 spring split. Assistant coaches and analysts in vital positions also remain the same. Team Vitality are reportedly putting up a top-performance model to face the difficulties they had in the LEC summer split 2021 where they only reached 6th place.

That's it, we are going to keep you updated on further roster changes. Perkz back in Europe. These LCS Solo Queues are apparently not good for people. Will Vitality reach the top of the LEC game next split? Will the announcement of next year's LEC be as good as the one from last year?