Why is Moonstone Renewer so Good?

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What makes Moonstone Renewer so good? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Moonstone Renewer had been dubbed as the worst mythic item in League of Legends. It was bugged and just didn’t give the team any added value and wasn’t part of the gang of broken items. Now it's good. What happened?

Somehow, after a few patch updates, buffs and changes, Moonstone Renewer has become quite a popular item for champions even outside the support role. How come the item, which had been one of the worst at the beginning of pre-season, is now even being built on jungle and mid lane champions?

Well, the answer is quite simple: Thanks to some buffs the item is not only very affordable – since it is a support item and those tend to be on the cheaper side – but also has some great sustain and other qualities which come with it.

Moonstone Renewer gives champions 20 ability haste, 40 ability power as well as 200 health and some mana regeneration. The passive of the item is also massive, since it heals the lowest health ally when the holder deals damage. This is on a 2-second cooldown timer and the longer you are in combat, the more you heal.

Moonstone Renewer works well in tandem with other items, such as Staff of Flowing Water, which gives champions bonus AP as well as movement speed. This is a massive two-item power spike, which includes sustain, ability haste and is on the cheaper side, since these are support items.

This build is perfect for almost any AP champion in the game. Mid lane Karma? Yes, please. Top lane AP champions like Singed or Teemo? Sure go ahead. Hell, even junglers like Lillia and Nidalee can use this build guide to have enough damage output to safely continue their farm, while also sustaining their team.

The build has been dubbed the ‘MoonStaff’ build and is slowly taking over professional League of Legends. The item isn’t on the list of nerfs in the upcoming patch 11.2 changes, but we might be seeing some nerfs coming to it in patch 11.3.

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