Why People Need To Stop Flaming Each Other In Low Tier Ranked Games

Doesn't matter which game it is, low tier players are just as toxic as high tier ones. However, if you're in Iron, you have no right to flame me. Here's why.
People flaming each other low tier
Don't you dare say I'm bad when this is your rank. | © Riot Games

This column can be applied to any game that has the option to play ranked, because my point is the same every time. League of Legends is a prime example however, and one that I, unfortunately, have to deal with every damn time I play ranked. So we're just going to go with that one.

Ranked games are toxic, they always are. Some are fine, some are great, but a lot of times, they're so toxic that you think: "what kind of person are you to say these things?".

However, one thing I absolutely do not and will never understand, is why people are flaming in low tiers. I'm going to give you the example that I had to deal with last, and also this season of League of Legends already.

Last season was my first ranked season ever. I had only started playing LoL a year ago and by the end of the season, I decided to try out rank. Not sure how, but I managed to make it into Silver. I was so excited, and it made me want to play more rank and get even better. However, I quickly realized that most people I played with were somehow all Level 30 or slightly higher. When I asked my boyfriend, who had played League for years, he said that all of them were Smurf accounts. He said that some of them were stuck in their higher elo, made a second account and were now playing in low elo for their own ego.

And suddenly I was playing with people flaming me for being Silver... despite them also being Silver.

"You're so bad, you're only Silver, lol," said the Silver player...

"You should de-install this game," said the Bronze player who had more deaths than me...

"Stop playing rank," said the Iron player who was level 350...

You see where I'm going here, right?

There's a reason why people are Iron-Silver. There's a reason they're not in Gold or Plat... so why flame them? Why flame them, when you're in the same elo as them? Doesn't that make you just as bad as them?


If you're level 420, have millions of mastery points and are in Silver flaming people who are the same rank as you, you're the problem.

There's a reason why so many people are intimidated by playing rank, and it's because of people like that. But they shouldn't be. These people who flame Iron or Bronze players, but are stuck in Silver themselves have absolutely no right to say anything, and so I advise a quick mute to enjoy your game thoroughly.

Again, this goes for every other game with ranked too. If you're a low rank and are flaming other low rank players, you're a bad player yourself. And if you're mad about this, I'm probably talking about you.


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