LoL: Why You Can't Surrender In Arena

The new Arena game mode has been well received among the League of Legends community. Players all over the world welcome the change of pace and mostly compliment Riot Games for their new idea. However, one feature being totally absent is irritating the community.

Lol arena
Arena is the only League of Legends game mode that does not feature the option to surrender. | © Riot Games

League of Legends' new Arena mode has made a stunning debut. The fast-paced game mode that allows four teams of two players – unlike the classic two-team game modes – has seen a huge spike in popularity. It is safe to say that Arena has been a huge success for Riot Games, and players expect the mode to return as a permanent mode sometime after the Soul Fighter event.

While standing out for many things, the community has now turned their attention to one feature that is completely missing from Arena. Players were quick to notice that you can not surrender in the Arena, which means that you will always have to play out your matches – no matter if you are just not doing well or if you have an AFK teammate.

Never Surrender: League of Legends Arena Game Mode Does Not Allow Surrendering

According to Rioter 'H28_G_Evo' on Reddit, surrendering was not prioritized after players on the PBE did not see many players willing to surrender or to go AFK during a match. The fast-paced, short-lived nature of matches in the game mode and low demand are therefore the main reasons for surrendering being scrapped from Arena. However, future Arena returns might see the surrender option find its way into the Arena too.

by u/H28_G_Evo from discussion Where can you give official feedback to this mode?
in 2v2v2v2

With the Soul Fighter event continuing for another three weeks, the community is asking for further updates to improve the Arena experience for everyone. So far, Riot have also not announced whether the game mode will return as an event game mode or a permanent game mode. Further information on this is expected to be released sometime after the Soul Fighter event ends.

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