Wild Rift and a K/DA Quiz – How Does That Work?

K/DA in Wild Rift
All Out - K/DA in Wild Rift (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Wild Rift here, Wild Rift there. Every day you hear more info about the mobile game of the year but unfortunately, we still have to wait for the open beta in Europe. But wait what are K/DA actually doing in Wild Rift?

Even though we still have to wait here in Europe, we want to know everything there is about Wild Rift! For all those who want "More", Riot now has just that to offer: today K/DA are - once again - in Wild Rift! The five beautiful ladies will come to Wild Rift with their "All Out" skins and will be playable champions. The hype around the five is unstoppable and with their single "More" they have heated things up. From November 6 on we will get the whole album! Until then there will be more songs that will celebrate their premiere. Among others, K/DA will perform together with the Kpop Band Twice!

Let's get back to Wild Rift. You have the opportunity to participate in a quiz from October 23 to November 20. This quiz consists of a few questions and is designed to find out which K/DA champion suits you best. That's all well and good, sounds like fun, but what's the point?

Well, depending on which champion you get at the end of the quiz, it will be unlocked for you for free in Wild Rift. On top of that, there will be K/DA in-game cosmetics!

Let's Go, Let's Go!

K/DA's skins in Wild Rift will cost you about 990 Wild Cores, while Seraphine's skin will be the most expensive with 1,325 Wild Cores. This is because it will be the second Legendary Skin in Wild Rift, next to Dark Cosmic Jhin!

What do you think about the skins and the fact that K/DA will not only take over virtual and real stages but will also come to Wild Rift? Will you get the champs? Which one did you get from the quiz? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Tamara Dodlek.

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