Wild Rift: Why is the Wild Rift Release Date Delayed in Some Regions?

Wild Rift release date delay
When will Wild Rift be released in your area?

Wild Rift is taking quite some time until it is released. Why though? The game was promised to be out in 2020, but it seems that certain regions, such as North and South America, as well as India, will only be getting to play the mobile game by 2021.

The Wild Rift development team brought out a video explaining why it is taking longer for these regions and how they will compensate players who want to climb the ranked ladder as quickly as possible but are being held back by the time restraints.

In the video posted on Twitter Michael Chow, the executive producer went into detail about some of the constraints and challenges of bringing the game to the public.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, much of the development team has been unable to travel to the locations to set up dedicated servers for the game. Wild Rift is an unprecedented global competitive mobile game that has unique server and infrastructure needs.

Not to mention that each region now also has its own unique sets of problems and restraints pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. This also slowed down the launch of the game within several regions.

The Wild Rift development team is dedicated to bringing the game to all fans worldwide and want to ensure the quality of the gameplay and experience, which is why it is taking a bit longer to have it available globally.

Since the game is a competitive mobile game, some players are scared of not being able to play the ranked ladder against other global players who already have the opportunity to play and experience the game, which is why Riot will find ways to ensure that players of the later regions will be able to get champions faster so they can build a good champion pool to compete.

Wild Rift will be available as an open Beta in Europe, Oceania, and parts of Asia as of early December, while North and South America as well as India will have to wait until 2021. But hopefully, the game will run smoothly once it is released in those regions and that the wait time was worth it.

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