Worlds 2021: Track Your Favorite Pros on the EU Sever

Worlds Pro Tracking
ShowMaker is getting ready for EU Solo Queue! | © Riot Games

This year's World Championship will take place in Europe. Sure, the event is taking place in Iceland and fans can't come and watch, but at least we can have the pleasure of encountering our favorite foreign pros on the European servers in solo queue! We have a guide for you to track the best players in the world.

Solo queue Challengers watch out! You'll be able to play alongside some of the most famous players in the world!

Each year, during the World Championship, pro players join the server of the region the event is being held in. There, they get some extra practice in – testing out the Worlds patch like this year's Patch 11.19 – and they get to acclimate themselves to the meta. So of course, you as a fan, want to know what your favorite players' ID is and how to track him in solo queue and we've got the info for you right here.

Earlier this year, during MSI, DAMWON KIA's ShowMaker and Canyon managed to climb to the top of the EUW solo queue with ease. You want to witness their second climb to number one this fall? Well, then we have the LoL tracking device guide for you guys.

We show you guys how to find all the pros on the EU servers.

How do I Find the Pros on the EU Server?

The easiest way to find international pros on the EU Server is to use the tracking tool "Tracking The Pros". Through this tool, you'll be able to find all players and their in-game aliases. You can track whether they're currently in-game and follow whether Faker is facing off against Humanoid in the mid lane or if Canyon is out-jungling Bwipo as well.

For Content Creators and anyone in Challenger who aren't part of a pro team, this is their one shot of playing alongside legends like Faker, Teddy and DoinB. We, low elo scrubs, can just enjoy the action by watching through the tracking the pros tool.

Can I play Against the Pros?

If you're reading this article, there is a low chance that you're actually in the top 1% and in challenger. But if you're just a bit lower in Diamond, then you might have a shot of meeting one of the pros! So players don't have to start in Iron, Riot gifts them with a LvL 30 Diamond 1 account with high MMR so they quickly make it into challenger.

If you manage to play early on, while their accounts are still in Diamond, you could have a shot of playing alongside one of the pros. So make sure to check out Tracking the Pros and see if you've still got a shot at playing with one of your favorite pro players!

So we hope you guys enjoy the solo queue last-minute climb to Diamond, so you have a chance at being destroyed by Faker in the mid lane!

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