LoL Worlds Quarterfinals: Our Expert Predictions

We have some fun and check out the top 8 teams at Worlds. Who will make it through to the semi-finals? These are our predictions!

Worlds 2021 Predictions Quarterfinals
Just look at that longing in his eyes. | © EDG/Riot Games

The 2021 World Championship has been a wild ride. EU teams have had disappointing runs. The LCK that was deemed a ‘one team region’ has risen, while the LPL faltered in the final days of the group phase.

The group phase finished yesterday, meaning we’re moving on to the knock-out stage of the World Championship, and only eight teams remain. What predictions do we have ahead of the quarterfinals? Which teams will make it into the top 4?

LoL Worlds 2021 Quarter-Final 1: T1 vs. Hanwha Life

The first quarter-final is between T1 and Hanwha Life. Both are LCK teams and have faced off quite often. Both teams are extremely young, led by veteran players – Faker and Deft. There are many similarities between them, but just going by the history between them, it seems like T1 has the upper hand in this match-up.

T1 managed to best the surging Hanwha Life in the regional qualifiers and have looked better throughout the group phase as well, thus, our guess will have to lie with the 3-time world champions. They have the experience and skill to make it into the semi-final.

Final Result: T1 3 - 1 HLE

LoL Worlds 2021 Quarter Final 2: RNG vs. EDG

This is a classic matchup of two OG esports orgs. RNG managed to take the MSI trophy from DAMWON earlier this spring, while EDG got to lift the LPL summer trophy. Both teams have veteran forces on their squads with young blood as well.

Judging by the group stage and the results, we favor EDG. While their showing in the second week wasn’t what we expected, this team has insane skill and the best bot lane duo at this year's World Championship. The game is going to be a close one, but in the end, EDG will come out on top.

Final Result: RNG 2 - 3 EDG.

LoL Worlds 2021 Quarter-Final 3: DWG KIA vs. MAD Lions

This is an exciting rematch from the MSI knockout stage, where MAD Lions pushed DAMWON KIA to five games. The same could happen here once more, with MAD Lions pushing themselves to the limit on the final day of the group stage to qualify for the knockout round.

Overall, we do think that DAMWON will move onto the semi-finals to face off against T1. DAMWON haven’t lost a single match and haven’t even broken a sweat yet. The bot lane duo of Ghost and BeryL is their weak point, but Khan is determined to finally win a trophy before entering the army in 2022.

Final Result: DWG KIA 3 - 1 MAD Lions

LoL Worlds 2021 Quarter-Final 4: Gen.G vs. Cloud9

The final quarterfinal will be between the second seed of the LCK and the third LCS team. Nobody would have thought that C9 could make it out of Group A, but with a struggling FPX and great outplays, the team earned their spot in the knockout rounds. NA’s last hope – as usual – is C9.

Gen.G is deemed the weakest LCK team at this event, but if Ruler and BDD manage to stay in shape then they will be able to make it an interesting series, but we do think that C9 has the skill to match, pushing the series to five games and when we’re talking about clutch players, we can’t forget Perkz. The mid laner will be the difference-maker whether C9 reaches the semi-finals.

Final Result: Gen.G 2 - 3 Cloud9

So there you have it. These are our predictions for the 2021 World Championship quarter-finals. Do you agree, or would you pick a different team? If we learned one thing from this group stage, it's that anything is possible.

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