More Codes and Open Bunkers – All Teasers for CoD: Black Ops Cold War (UPDATED)

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Daily news videos provide information about the next Call of Duty part. (Image credit:

Activision has launched a massive easter egg hunt that should lead to the reveal of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. So, we're having another Easter, and we're going on an egg hunt... Here come all the leaks and codes to Bunkers and Co.

After months of small leaks to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Activision started an elaborate easter egg hunt together with Treyarch. They started with some boxes, which were sent to selected streamers and contained slide projectors and some slides. After some guesswork, the clues led to this mysterious website: Pawn Takes Pawn.

Over the weekend, this site has been updated several times and the Instagram channel of Treyarch also received regular changes. Since Friday, August 14, there was a new history video on the website's TV every day. The video cassettes show historical recordings from the years 1961-62, 1968-69, and 1972-73 and are stacked on the VCR. You can click on the cassettes and watch the material again at any time. Each of these videos revealed a code and specific coordinates for Warzone. When all the new clues for a day have been found, a note on the page crosses out the day. This note also reveals that there will be three more videos.

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The notepad is updated regularly and shows that we still have three more notes ahead of us. (Image credit:

August 14: 1961-62, Farmhouse

On the first day of the easter egg hunt, players found out how to read the clues. While the video is playing, the VCR display shows a note for Warzone. The first video was: WZ-H6-49285 163.

Pawntakespawn coordinates
The video recorder shows the coordinates and the code. (Image credit:

This clue led players in Warzone to a farmhouse near H6, which could be opened with the code 49285163. Inside the hut were other puzzling documents and pictures, but for the time being there was not much to do with them.

August 15: 1968-69, Bunker 3

This time the new video showed the following code: WZ-B5-87624851. These clues led the community to coordinates B5 in Warzone. Here Bunker 3 near Boneyard could be opened with the code 8762485.

In the bunker, the players found a bust of Lenin, as well as other documents and an elevator that was not usable. Since there was already talk about an elevator in earlier leaks, it is assumed that it would play a role in the future.

Additionally, players as found that the first video was updated to V2 and showed new numbers.

August 16: 1972-72, Prison

As expected, the third video also brought a new code: WZ-H8-72948531, which led the players to a small hut near the prison at coordinates H8, which could be opened with the code 72948531.

Inside the hut were other clues, such as new documents and a half-finished remote-controlled car - a well-known Killstreak from the Black Ops series.

Like the day before, it was also discovered that the old videos had been updated. The video from day one is now labeled V3, the one from day two is labeled V2. Both show new numbers within the video.

August 17: 1977-78, Bunker 1

The fourth video brought yet another code: WZ-B7-97264138. It didn't take long for the community to figure out that the B7 coordinates must be Bunker 1, bottom left on the map of Verdansk. You can open the bunker with code 97264138. There you can find some more hints.

Inside the bunker, there are more parts of a remote-controlled car, as well as another elevator, which is not yet usable. Also, the older videos were updated again. The video from 1961-62 is now labeled V4, the one from 1968-69 - V3 and the one from 1972-73 - V2.

August 18: 1979, TV Station

This time there was a new video about the year 1979 and a new code: WZ-F4-27495810. The F4 coordinates led to a hut near the TV station, which could be opened with the code 27495810.

Like all the rooms that have been opened so far, there were a lot of new documents, drawings, and maps. What all this means is unfortunately still unclear.

The older video cassettes were also updated again and are now numbered up to V5.

Tonight, we can expect the last teaser of this kind. But don't be too hyped, there was never any talk about a trailer, so we don't really expect it to be unveiled today.

As soon as the next hints have been found and solved, we will let you know and update this article, so you better bookmark it somewhere.

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