The Biggest Esports Tournaments in 2021

Esports stadium
There are going to be some pretty big Esports Tournaments in 2021! (Credit: ESL Plus)

Last year was collectively the best and the worst year in Esports history. A record number of new players joined the community and became enthusiastic about Esports, but on the other side, almost all big tournaments were postponed and eventually cancelled due to the global pandemic.

Some things never change, though, and Dota 2, LoL, and CS:GO are still the top three Esports games in the world. Therefore, the biggest Esports tournaments in 2021 will also be in those three games. Let's dive in...

PGL Major Stockholm 2021

PGH Stockholm featured
PGL Major Stockholm (Credit: PGL)

Due to the fact that the Major in Rio was cancelled, the most anticipated CS:GO tournament in 2021 is definitely going to be PGL Stockholm Major. The tournament will be held in the Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm. If everything goes according to the plan, it will start on October 23, and will last for two weeks.

A lot of sensitive information about this tournament is still unknown, but it will once again feature 24 teams and three stages. The prize pool will be a whopping $2,000,000 USD for the first time in the history of CS:GO majors, which is a 100% increase compared to previous ones. All in all, this is a tournament that you will definitely want to watch.

League of Legends World Championship 2021

Lol Worlds championship
LoL Worlds (Credit: Forbes)

The 2021 World Championship, also known as Worlds, will be the conclusion of the 2021 season. Riot hasn’t yet confirmed the official start date of the tournament, but it will probably begin somewhere around September, as this is the usual time that this event takes place.

Surprisingly, Riot decided to once again host the tournament in China, this time in Shenzhen. The prize pool is still unknown, but if the trend continues, it will once again break all LoL records and go over $7,000,000 USD.

DOTA 2 - The International 2021

The international
The International (Credit: Valve)

The International 2021 is actually last years competition, postponed into the new year due to Covid-19. After the postponement, the tournament was originally supposed to be hosted in September 2021. Luckily, the estimated date has been moved forward, and thus will most likely happen in August.

The location remains unchanged, and will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. As for the prize pool, Valve decided to continue the trend, and it will once again break all records in both Dota 2 and Esports. A total of 18 teams will compete for $40,000,000 USD, so don’t expect anything but highly prepared players at their top level.


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