How to Record Gameplay on PC: 5 Ways and Step-by-step Guide

From gamers to streamers and YouTube sensations, gameplay recording is one of the chief trades in the gaming industry. It allows the user to record their screen and then share it to their desired platform or make videos, reactions, etc.

Gaming Controller recording
How to record your gameplay. | © Unsplash

However, the way to record any gameplay on a PC isn’t easy. Simply because it requires one to use the right software and editing techniques. While the latter depends on the gamer, recording gameplay relies on using a proper recording utility.

In this article, we’ll explore five such utilities and how you can use each one of them. Therefore, let’s get started and find out.

What Is Gameplay Recording?

Gameplay recording is something usually practiced by gamers on YouTube, Twitch, or other streaming media. This allows the gamer to record gameplay on PC and then upload or share it on their chosen platform.

Since the gaming community on YouTube is becoming bigger daily, many people record their games. Recording this gameplay requires assistance from programs built within Windows or downloaded third-party tools.

However, some of the tools available today don’t retain the quality of the actual gameplay. Let’s say your computer is playing a game at 60 FPS (Frames per second). Then, some tools would regress the quality to less than 30 FPS for various platforms.

To avoid that, many gamers use premium tools today. It allows them to record their gameplays more efficiently since they have better controls and a dashboard. But most importantly, it also ensures the quality of recorded videos.

Reasons To Record Gameplay on PC

Recording gameplay has many benefits. Since gaming is one of the leading niches in the online world, major gaming channels on YouTube garner millions of views every day. However, to get a good video across, a user needs to:

  • Record quality gameplay
  • Record themselves playing the game
  • Ensure thorough audio, background music, etc.

However, achieving all this is easier said than done. That’s why a proper utility is required, which helps a gamer record their session properly.

5 Ways To Record Gameplay On PC (5 Utilities)

Now that we know the few key things to know about gameplay recording let’s talk about the tools and the ways to use them. In this section, we’ll talk about the 5 leading utilities used by gamers around the globe. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1: EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is the tool of choice for many gamers around the globe. This outstanding recording utility has many great options and allows you to easily record, stream, or cast your screen. That’s what makes EaseUS RecExperts any gamer’s dream.

EaseUS RecExperts
© EaseUS RecExperts

Besides offering outstanding options for recording gameplay, the tool also provides:

  • Ability to capture video, audio, or images
  • Record Zoom meetings, tutorials, or anything else on your screen
  • Recording screen with internal audio and voiceover

That’s what makes this tool an ideal companion for anyone today. But how do you use it for recording? Here’s how:

  1. Download and install EaseUS RecExperts
  2. Open the installed utility
  3. Select the game window/process you want to recordEaseUS
    © EaseUS RecExperts
  4. Click to turn on or off your webcam, audio, or microphoneEaseUS RecExperts
    © EaseUS RecExperts
  5. Press the REC button to start recordingEaseUS RecExperts
    © EaseUS RecExperts
  6. Set up a time to automatically stop recording (Optional)EaseUS RecExperts
    © EaseUS RecExperts

This will help you record your screen according to your requirement. Whether you wish to record the whole screen or just a particular section on it depends on you. But there are plenty of other options you can explore on this tool, such as editing or adding intros and outros.

2: Xbox Gamebar

Xbox Gamebar is an inbuilt tool in most Windows versions today. However, you can simply download it if you don’t have it by default. This Microsoft Store app is one of the best and easiest ways to record your gameplay.

© Xbox

This tool offers myriad great options, allowing you to efficiently record, cast, or stream your gameplay. On top of that, you can connect your consoles to your PC and record them simultaneously. On top of that, it’s exceedingly easy to use. Here’s how:

  1. Start the game you wish to record
  2. Press Windows Key + G on your keyboard
  3. Press the Record button or press Windows + Alt + R on your keyboardXbox Gamebar
    © Xbox Gamebar
  4. Repeat Windows + G when you’re done recording
  5. Done

This will help you record your Gameplay, but it doesn’t offer the choice to record particular sections of your screen. But, here are a few other options that you need to remember:

Xbox Gamebar
© Xbox Gamebar
  1. The folder where your recorded files are
  2. The button to take screenshots
  3. The button to enable Mic/Voice recording during gameplay

So, it’s an exceedingly easy and simple program to use. However, the easiness of this program also makes it provide a lot fewer options than other tools.

3: OBS Studio

OBS, aka Open Broadcaster Software, is one of the leading tools that many gamers and streamers use. The professional demeanor of this tool also attracts many other niches besides gaming, such as tutorials, education, etc. But, its array of options makes it an ideal tool for a gamer.


Besides having a feature-rich dashboard, the tool also provides many great options. These factors make it one of the premier choices of gamers. So, how do you use it to record your gameplay? Here’s how:

  1. Download, install then open OBS Studio
  2. Run the game you wish to capture
  3. Head into the Sources section, click on create (+), and add the “Game Capture” titleOBS
    © OBS
  4. Select capture mode
  5. Select the game you wish to capture (i.e., GTAV.EXE)
  6. Select other options according to your requirementsOBS
    © OBS
  7. Press OK
  8. Done

This will incite your screen recording; you can stop it when you’re done gaming. After that, the file will be saved to your chosen location. From there, you can edit and use it as you like.

4: Nvidia ShadowPlay

Nvidia ShadowPlay is the ideal program for those with an Nvidia graphics card. So, if you’re using one of the green brand video cards, this tool can help you record high-quality gameplays. That’s why this tool is known to be used by people with high-profile hardware.

Nvidia ShadowPlay
© Nvidia

Offering an immense number of options, the tool is exceedingly easy to use. Besides that, it’s free, so you don’t have to worry about paying up to use it. But how exactly do you record your gameplay with it? Here’s how:

  1. Download and install Nvidia ShadowPlay
  2. Run the game you wish to record
  3. Press the Record buttonNvidia ShadowPlay
    © Nvidia
  4. Record your session
  5. Pick the quality that you wish to save your video inNvidia ShadowPlay
    © Nvidia
  6. Head to the gallery where your video is saved and edit it (optional)Nvidia ShadowPlay
    © Nvidia
  7. Upload it to your desired channelNvidia ShadowPlay
    © Nvidia
  8. Done

And that’s how easy it is to use Nvidia ShadowPlay. On top of that, it records videos in the highest quality possible. After that, you can pick the quality you wish to use when uploading it.

5: Gecata

Gecata is yet another outstanding tool that a lot of users employ. This tool has many great options, one of which offers extensive free use. Besides that, it’s a simple program that every gamer can use conveniently.

© Gecata

Besides that, the light nature of this tool doesn’t get in the way of your gameplay, as it silently works in the background without straining your hardware or video memory. So, how do you use it? Here’s how:

  1. Download and Install Gecata on your PC
  2. Run the game you wish to record
  3. Toggle the Game ModeGecata
    © Gecata
  4. Once the game is running, press F10 to bring up the console
  5. Click on Start Recording
  6. Use the F9 key to stop/pauseGecata
    © Gecata
  7. Done

The tool will save your file to your desired location in the MP4 format. So, you won’t have to do much to access or edit the file.


These are the five utilities and the best five options you have to record your gameplay on PC. All of these tools can efficiently record the gameplay, but EaseUS RecExperts is clearly the best choice.

Simply because the tool is very light and doesn’t affect the quality or gameplay during the recording session. This makes it our best and primary choice out of the five options that we explored in this article.


If you have any questions, look at some of the frequently asked questions to look for the answers.

How to record gameplay for YouTube?

The tools we talked about can help you record your gameplay, voiceover, and even webcam. Therefore, use a capable tool like RecExperts or the one that suits your needs the most.

How to record games on a Phone?

Recording games on mobile phones is much easier. While most phones today have built-in options, you can find many tools on the Play store or Appstore.

Does AMD also have a recording tool like Nvidia?

AMD drivers tend to come with an inbuilt option to record videos. If you have a video card from the red brand, then simply find “Record & Stream” in the top bar to record your gameplay with an AMD card.

Which Utility is best for gameplay recording?

The five tools mentioned in this article are the best for the global gaming community. However, EaseUS RecExperts is our personal favorite because of its effectiveness, lightweight and capture quality.