Sony Rewards PS5 Is Sold Out: How the Restock Works

Ps5 stock
The PlayStation 5 is sold out pretty much across the whole globe. (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The PlayStation 5 has locked gamers across the world in a quest for stock, with Sony Rewards becoming the classic way to get your hands on the highly sought-after console. But how can you get your hands on a PS5? Here's everything that you need to know!

It would be nice to have a PS5, wouldn't it? It might look like a monstrosity, but it runs as smooth as silk and, boy oh boy, we got to play those old games all over again! It's almost like some blue alien is using weird brain control technology on gamers: “You musssst replay the same games in higher def...HIGHER DEF... Now that we think about it, this alien seems to visit every 7-8 years.

But here's the obligatory pitch. Imagine that you are talking to some buff dude who's trying to sell you supplements. Do YOU want to better yourself? Do YOU want to own a PS5? Now imagine your mum, saying “well you can't always get what you want.” Now, tell your mum to f**k off, and listen to us, we're clearly the greater authority on this.

PS5 fever might be infecting millions, but this time the vaccine isn't so difficult to produce. In the following months, Sony has announced that they will be sending millions of consoles to retailers every month. PS5 UK Stock, a Twitter account purely based on supplying stock information for PS5 (boy, got to feel sorry for that guy), posted the following statement:

In summary, not that you really need a summary of a 40-word Tweet, Sony will be hopefully supplying 3 million units to store shelves around the world over the next three or so months. Oof, that's not too many when you think about how many people want a PS5. But anyway, what's the deal with this Sony Rewards stock?

Sony Rewards Had PS5s In Stock... Before They Ran Out

So about a week ago, Sony Rewards jumped online and tapped the microphone on new PS5 stock. Yeah, well, they are sold out now, so there's not much luck there. However! We do recommend signing up to Sony Rewards. Yes, that's right, we're recommending something...

It's f**king free, so why don't you have it? Products are redeemed using points, which can be earned by making purchases with a Sony or PlayStation Visa card, or a variety of other s**t. We're not here to literally explain a website to you, just go sign up and check it out! You get one point per dollar, and games can often cost like 5,999 points, takes a while.

It might take a couple years to get a free game but, hey, it also gives you access to stock quite early so... nifty! Not really, imagine how many bloody points it would take to buy a PS5... jeez-mageez! Also, they have also sold out so it's a moot point. Sorry for wasting your time.

Funny ps5
This is what we think the PS5 SHOULD have looked like! (Credit: u/fraserwdbell via Reddit)

If you want a PS5, you need dedication. Keep your eyes on Twitter, and on your local stores. Preorders are really stupid, most of the time, but right now it is probably smart. Often there are surprise drops, which might seem unfair, but if you keep your eyes and ears out for it – maybe some luck can come your way.

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