WoW TBC – Getting Started with The PvE Enhancement Shaman

Wanting to play as the Enhancement Shaman? Check out this guide to get you started.

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There are many different ways in which you can approach World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. You might be on the lookout to earn as much TBC Classic gold as possible. Or maybe you want to find the best methods of Burning Crusade power leveling to hit level 70 as soon as possible. Whatever your goals might be, there is something to be said for the class and races that you choose for your character. If you're unsure about what the likes of the PvE Enhancement Shaman has to offer you, then read on. We'll be outlining what races you should be choosing for the Shaman, and how the professions that you choose can make all the difference.

Best Races for Enhancement Shaman

Let's kick things off with what the best races are for you to use with the Enhancement Shaman. If you are playing as the Alliance, then you only have the choice of the Draenei. With the Shaman, it would be fair to say that Alliance doesn't really put up the competition as the Horde does in terms of choice of race. That being said, the racial advantages of the Draenei are not to be ignored. You can protect and replenish yourself with the likes of the Gift of the Naaru. You'll also be able to buff your group to increase their spell hit chance with the use of Inspiring Presence.

Meanwhile, we also have the Horde, which has a few more choices to offer us. If you want a more all-rounded approach, then the Orc is the choice for you. They are more than capable of being effective in both PvE and PvP situations. They have the Axe Specialization, which will add to their Expertise if you have it equipped with your axe. The Blood Fury ability to boost your attack power can also be a real difference maker.

It isn't TBC gold that makes the Troll effective for the Horde Shaman. You will be able to rely on the likes of Berserking to add to your attack speed significantly. Just how much will depend on how much health you have at the time. If you find yourself up against beasts, then use the Beast Slaying ability to add 5% additional damage to them. The Troll is a fantastic choice for you to go within PvE situations.

If you do want another choice for PvP, or a third option for the Horde's Enhancement Shaman, then go with the Tauren. Just to point out, the Tauren is also effective with PvE as well. They have racial benefits such as War Stomp, which can help you to keep mobs under control and make an escape when needed. You also have Endurance, which can increase your health and is therefor beneficial.

Best Professions for Enhancement Shaman

If you have to choose one, go with Leatherworking. It is a great option that gives you many possibilities where crafting is concerned, with the Drums of Battle being especially helpful to the Enhancement Shaman. You'll have the ability to help your group out, too, thanks to the Drums of War. You don't really need Leatherworking any longer since the drums were nerfed, but they are still super effective to have with you.

Is your goal to avoid having to buy TBC gold? For a profession that will help you make the TBC Classic gold you desire, go with Enchanting. You can make coins from the enchantment of others’ gear, with tips being a financial option for you. The biggest positive from Enchanting is going to come from the ring enchants. This is something that is exclusive to those pursuing this particular profession.

If you wanted to pick up another option, then go with Engineering. This is a good choice for you to make since you can use it to craft helmets such as the Surestrike Goggles at a high level. There is also the ability to make the Blue Firework if you wanted to craft your very own celebration items. That being said, you could just spend some TBC gold yourself and purchase them from the Auction House. They're also in the SM: Armory if you don't fancy paying for them.

With the right race and profession, you are more than ahead of the game with the Enhancement Shaman. Hopefully, with these tips, you'll be able to traverse WoW TBC as a formidable force. It might not present the best way of TBC power leveling, but at least you won't have to buy WoW TBC accounts when you take this route, unless you really want to get ahead of the game.