Bans In MTG Historic And All Non-Standard Format

MTG New Bans In Historic And Every Other Non Standard Format
Tricky! (Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

A new change of the rules in Magic: The Gathering nails the final nail in the coffin of Omnath, Locus of Creation, and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath in Historic. Even a brand new Kaldheim card, Tibald’s Trickery, is banned in Modern before ruining the fun for all three people who still play it. Too soon? Here's the full MTG ban list.

Bans Across All Formats

Oddly enough, the only format without a change is Standard - and that’s historically the one that gets the most bans, at least in the past couple of years. The new Viking cards are doing just fine and nothing is out of control for the time being. However, Historic, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, and even Vintage players will have to reconsider some of their deck choices. Let’s go through the list.

MTG Ban List: The New Changes


  • Omnath, Locus of Creation is banned (from suspended).

  • Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is banned.


  • Balustrade Spy is banned.

  • Teferi, Time Raveler is banned.

  • Undercity Informer is banned.

  • Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is banned.

  • Wilderness Reclamation is banned.


  • Field of the Dead is banned.

  • Mystic Sanctuary is banned.

  • Simian Spirit Guide is banned.

  • Tibalt’s Trickery is banned.

  • Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is banned.


  • Arcum’s Astrolabe is banned.

  • Dreadhorde Arcanist is banned.

  • Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned.


  • Lurrus of the Dream-Den is legal again.

Is This the End of the World?

No! None of the plains in the multiverse is at stake here, let alone our little planet. In terms of Historic (the only MTGA-exclusive format), these two cards have been very problematic and, as we told you earlier, Omnath was suspended for a good reason a few months back. Now they are both properly banned and out of the equation, so we know we won’t be seeing them again. So long, big boys. You won’t really be missed.

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