How to Enter Codes in Splitgate

Split gate codes
Wonder how you enter codes in Splitgate? Well, no more after you read this! | © Splitgate

Splitgate is slowly becoming the hit of the year. The arena shooter, which simply combines everything that shooter lovers want, is going straight through the roof. We don't need to explain the weapons and portals to you. But how to enter codes in Splitgate?

Halo meets Portal. That's what everyone seemed to want, but didn't know. The free-to-play shooter hit of the year has now cracked the 10 million download mark. And that's just the Splitgate BETA! Once again, you realize what is possible when the developers really love what they do and put their heart and soul into it. But the developers have put a lot more into the game than just mega gameplay, and that's cosmetics! Skins of all kinds. But as if that wasn't enough, there are also a bunch of codes to get these cool skins for free. But that leaves the question: how to enter referral codes in Splitgate?

How to Enter Codes in Splitgate?

What is the best thing about the referral codes in Splitgate, apart from the skins, of course? Everyone gets something out of it! The player who enters the code and especially the one who created and distributed the code. First of all, both players will receive 50 Splitcoins each. But wait! There's more! Customizations, perks and epic and legendary skins! The player who worked on recruiting newcomers will be the one compensated with said skins. So make sure, not just to redeem a Splitgate code, but also to spread your own!

To get the whole thing going, go to Splitgate's referral tab - the Reward Center. You can find it at the left corner of the screen. Simply click on "Who Referred You" and put someone else's referral code in there. As soon as you've done that, you can create your own referral code. That's it. That's all there is to know on the how to enter codes in Splitgate. So again! If you want the legendary rewards, make sure you get your own code out to the people!

Splitgate Referral Codes Skins

As soon as you entered the Splitgate codes, you will be awarded with a lot of cool epic and legendary skins. These cosmetics just look fabulous and will 100% improve your gameplay:

  • Ritual: Legendary Plasma Rifle skin
  • Recruiter: Epic Name Tag
  • Racer: Epic Pistol skin
  • Epic Banner
  • Wildfire: Legendary SMG skin

All the epic and legendary skins and cosmetics are supposedly only available during beta. Make sure to redeem the codes early and before reaching level 10, otherwise it will be too late. Good news, by the way! Splitgate announced to extend the beta phase!

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