Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Bots?

The number of bot lobbies in Apex Legends Mobile is all anyone can seem to talk about. But does Apex Legends Mobile actually have bots?
Does apex legends have bots
Octane treating Mirage like a bot... | © EA

Apex Legends Mobile has got its global release which means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can jump into the mobile version of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale.

With the mainline title being so popular, you'd think that would mean millions of players would be downloading Apex Legends Mobile and player counts would be high and lobbies full. So, why is it that so many are complaining about going up against bots in Apex Legends Mobile? The subreddit is filled with stories of players complaining about how easy these A.I.-controlled players are to defeat, while others aren't sure if there actually are bots in the game.

So, to help you get to the bottom of the answer we put together a guide to answer: does Apex Legends Mobile have bots?

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Bots?

Drum roll, please... the simple answer is yes, Apex Legends Mobile does have bots. Your very first lobby when you jump into the battle royale game mode will be full of bots. This is common in mobile games as players often struggle with the controls on mobile, and it is to ease you in. As you play more and your account levels up and your rank increases, the number of bots in your lobby should decrease with many reporting that starting at level 5 the number of bots decreases and by level 8 they are all but gone. Level 8 is also when the ranked mode becomes available.

However, this doesn't mean you won't ever see them again. Depending on the player population of your region, you may find that you get bot lobbies even at higher ranks as the developers don't want you waiting for a game. The developers know that another aspect of mobile gaming is that you may be looking for a game in some temporary downtime, on a bus or train for instance, and waiting five minutes for a fully player-controlled lobby may be too long a wait. When server waits are long, bots may be used to fill out the lobby.

Can You Reduce The Number Of Bots In Your Apex Legends Mobile Lobby?

Yes and no. As mentioned before, as you climb the ranks you are likely to get matched more and more with real players and so to mitigate the chance of getting bots in your lobby, you should try to get to as high a rank as possible. As mentioned before, level 5 seems to be the sweet spot for the end of the bot hoards, but this figure may change depending on your region. You should also play the Ranked mode (unlocked at level 8) and not the casual playlist to further reduce the chance of bots in your lobby.

If you want to rank up fast, your Apex Legends Mobile Ranked explainer can help you out.

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