Official: nitr0 is Leaving Team Liquid

Nitr0 out of liquid
The last remaining original member of Team Liquid is gone. (Image credit: Team Liquid via Twitter)

We reported last week that Nick "nitr0" Canella might be leaving Team Liquid after five and a half years with the organization. Now it's been confirmed - the player will continue his CS:GO career elsewhere.

Team Liquid Say Goodbye to nitr0

Late last week we were all caught off guard by the news that Team Liquid are looking to remove their last remaining original CS:GO member Nick "nitr0" Canella from the squad. What was initially but a rumor was quickly confirmed by the organization. Even if they did not go into details, the "changes are coming" tone pretty much a "yes, nitr0 is gone" type of statement.

A couple of days later the organization that's been nitr0's home for half a decade was ready with a farewell video:

Nick Canella joined Liquid in January 2015 as part of their first ever CS:GO roster. Teammates came and went but he remained, until now. Nick captained the side for three years and can proudly say that he lead Liquid to their greatest successes during his reign. Signs of what was to come emerged a couple of months ago when he was stripped of the captaincy in favor of Jake "Stewie2K" Yip. Results still did not improve and that was enough for TL to pull the plug on their faithful servant.

Michael "Grim" Wince is the name brought up as nitr0's successor. Even though the org is silent on that side of things, claim that the 19-year-old Triumph player has been registered to play for Team Liquid at DreamHack Open Summer North America. The first tournament that Liquid will attend without nitr0 is set to begin this Saturday, August 8.

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