Ollelito triumphant at FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup Stage 3

Ollelito and Team Gullit have every right to celebrate after his surprising FUT Champions Cup Stage 3 title run
Ollelito and Team Gullit have every right to celebrate after his surprising FUT Champions Cup Stage 3 title run. (Image credit: Team Gullit/Twitter)

Olle "Ollelito" Arbin surprised many at the FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup Stage 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Swede lifted his first major FIFA trophy despite the odds, becoming the first person from his nation ever to top a big FIFA tournament.

Ollelito and the road to his FUT Champions Cup glory

To give you some perspective on how unexpected this title run is, Ollelito entered the tournament at No. 36 in the Xbox world rankings, and this was a mixed console event. Yeah, talk about beating the odds.

Nevertheless, the Team Gullit man showed signs of things to come as early as the group stage, which he finished with a 4-1 record, trailing just FUT Champions Cup Stage 1 winner Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt's perfect 5-0 in the Xbox group.

Tekkz was in for a rude awakening once the playoffs hit as he got bounced in the first knockout round by Niklas "NR7" Raseck on penalties. Penalties and NR7 went together like peanut butter and jelly this weekend. Another penalty shoot-out victory for the German ensured a quarter-final clash with Ollelito when NR7's shenanigans from the 12-yard spot finally came undone.

The eventual champion had a meeting with a close friend in the Xbox final as he later admitted, but the match versus Diogo "Diogo" Mendes was anything but friendly. As a matter of fact, both console finals were a carnival of defense.

The final results were the same – 2-1, but while there was undoubtedly drama on Xbox, the PS4 final included literal heartbreak. Umut "Umut" Gültekin crushed Tom "Tom" Leese's dreams with a clincher in the final seconds of the matchup, kicking the other 5-0 group stage player out of the tournament.

Umut could not finish the job in the Grand Final, though, his 2-1 victory on PS4 failing to overcome the 1-3 deficit from the first game. Remarkably, this was the first knockout game in which Ollelito conceded more than one goal. Defense truly does win championships.

This formidable run by the Swede resulted in a fat $50,000 check and 2,000 EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series Rankings points. The former will assure Olle gets all the tacos he desires, while the latter is going to do a thing or two about that Xbox ranking.

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