KFC Gaming Roasts Burger King for Sexist Tweet

Burger king tweet
Burger King have had better moments. (Credit: mightyearth.org)

Saying "Women belong in the kitchen" in 2021 is probably going to raise a few eyebrows and deservedly so. Tweeting such a statement will cause World War 3 and Burger King became modern day Franz Ferdinand by tweeting that sentence on International Women's Day of all days. KFC Gaming's response wasn't far behind.

Yesterday was International Women's Day and while many were busy wishing their loved ones a merry holiday, Burger King said women belong in the kitchen. On Twitter. You can find this on page 1 of "What not to do on social media". Unsurprisingly, many responded angrily, including KFC Gaming. If context was a thing, maybe they wouldn't have...

Burger King Helps Women Get Scholarships

We haven't laid out said context yet, so you might still be among those wondering what in the actual hell could merit such a stupid statement as "women belong in the kitchen" to be uttered, nevermind on Twitter.

To start things off, we must establish that Burger King is a restaurant. They have kitchens there. There are chefs in the kitchen. Being a chef is a profession. The top of the chef food chain, pardon the horrible pun, is actually well respected in the world.

Burger King announced they would be awarding culinary scholarships to females while acknowledging the huge discrepancy between male (80%) and female (20%) chefs in the UK. That's all good stuff. Great initiative! Oh boy, did they pick the wrong tagline for it.

Burger King Are Sexist Pigs?

The Burger King UK Twitter page decided it's a good idea to post the following words: Women belong in the kitchen, to point attention towards the state of the female chef occupation in the UK. One thing's for sure, they got the attention they were seeking.

Who in their right mind would think for a second that sentence would fly on Twitter unnoticed? You could have announced an all-female board of directors and female-exclusive staff in every BK restaurant in the world and people would have still mauled you for it. There's just no getting around this.

One of the funnier reactions to the original Burger King UK tweet, which has now been deleted, was that of KFC Gaming:

Kfc gaming burger king twitter
Burger King got what they deserve for their unbelievably stupid PR move. (Credit: Twitter)

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