New Developments in the Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit

Epic apple lawsuit eu
Epic & Apple are entering a new ring - the EU. (Credit: Pamela Hazelton/

The clash of titans continues in full swing. Epic Games have filed an official antitrust complaint in the EU against Apple. This is only the last development in an ongoing duel between these two giants that began in summer 2020.

Epic and Apple are going at it as hard as ever. Fortnite's publisher has taken matters to EU court by filing an official antitrust complaint against the tech giant. Lawsuits between the two are already ongoing in the US and Australia and a similar complaint to the one in the EU has been filed to UK commissions as well.

Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit Enters EU

Epic Games are taking Apple all over the world. The highly publicized case between the video game publisher and the tech developer has now been presented to EU authorities. This adds to the list as the US, the UK and Australia are already active fields of this ongoing war. The US trial even has a set date - May 3, when the going is really gonna be heated up.

Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit In Brief

So, the case is becoming active in the EU too. But what is the case itself? In very brief terms, without overflowing your brain with legal terms, Epic is unhappy with the 30% purchase fee that Apple imposes within the App Store.

Epic challenged Apple by going around that fee in summer 2020 but the latter was having none of that and kicked Fortnite out of the App Store. You can imagine how things escalated so quickly since then. Epic claims they are fighting for market integrity as the 30% tax and Apple's complete control over what's happening in its store. The counterargument is of course that this is Apple's ground, and they can tune it to their liking.

This is as much as we can go without diving into deep legal and even deeper moral issues. If you're like the author and struggle to pick a side in this war, the best advice I got for you is to find where they sell the best popcorn in town and find a comfortable seat come May.

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