Industry Intel: New Nintendo Switch on the Horizon?

Industry intel new nintendo switch on the horizon
This could be big, but is it real? (Credit: Nintendo)

It’s finally time for the first Industry Intel of 2021, EarlyGame’s weekly recap of everything business-related in the video game world! Despite the new year’s celebrations, there has been quite a lot of movement on the scene these last few days, especially when it comes to modders and data miners collecting curious information.

Sony Officially Discontinues Most PS4 Models in Japan

It’s been confirmed that almost all previous-gen machines are no longer in production in the Land of the Rising Sun. The only exception seems to be the 500GB Jet Black PS4 Slim model. Every other PlayStation 4 will no longer be made and once the currently stocked consoles are sold out, there’s that. We are not sure how collectible these ones will eventually become, but n any case you’ve got plenty of time to get yourself a brand-new older console if you’re the kind of gamer who likes to keep unopened boxes.

Is There a New Nintendo Switch on the Horizon?

A curious observation was made by data miner SciresM, who noticed that Nintendo Switch’s latest firmware update references something codenamed Aula. The rumors currently circling the internet suggest that this is the name of the next Nintendo Switch offering, likely a Switch Pro, using the same chip as the Switch Lite, but clocked to higher speeds and supporting 4k resolution via an updated console dock. Nintendo is usually extremely secretive about its in-development products, so we’ll remain on the lookout for official confirmation.

Speaking of official confirmation, my March this year the Japanese studio will own Next Level Games, the Vancouver-based studio that made Luigi’s Mansion 3. Next Level has been working for Nintendo for 15 years now, but once the deal is closed, they’ll be officially part of the mothership.

Microsoft is Looking at PS5 Controller Features?

A recent customer experience survey issued to Xbox Series X and S users asked if they would like to see PlayStation-style features on the Xbox consoles, given the popularity and excellent reception to the competing hardware. Currently, things are not looking so hot for the Xbox controllers, as connectivity problems have been reported ever since the new-gen hit the market.

Microsoft is also involved in a lawsuit regarding drifting issues with various Xbox controllers. The legal battle began last April. Currently, the Xbox makers are looking to settle this outside of court, via arbitration.

And finally, The Sinking City is Back on Steam!

Speaking of legal battles, the extremely troubled Cthulhu game The Sinking City is finally available on Steam after tons of drama. It’s likely that you’ve seen Frogwares’ masterpiece of a trailer a few years back, but never actually played the game. That’s because the studio was locked in a legal dispute with its publisher, Nacon (previously BigBen Interactive), alleging Nacon violated intellectual property and never paid the royalties they owe. This law case is far from closed, but at least the title is available to PC gamers again, as previously it was found only the Nintendo Switch - the only platform Frogwares had the rights to publish without Nacon.

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