Mass Effect Legendary Edition: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Will the remake be as legendary as its name? (Image Credit: EA)

The Mass Effect Trilogy will finally get the remake that fans have been wanting forever, being called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Here’s what you need to know about it and whether or not it is worth buying it.

It is safe to say that Mass Effect has shaped the world of RPG gaming forever. Bioware is and always has been on the forefront when it comes to open-world RPG’s with interactive stories, aka letting players make choices and create their own characters/stories with these characters. The options are infinite, and they are yours to make.

The first Mass Effect title was released in 2007, and everyone that has played it or continues to play it can tell that it’s been thirteen years already. The graphics are lacking everywhere, so much that fans had to make graphic enhancing mods throughout the years to make it more enjoyable. Mass Effect 2 was released in 2010, with graphics clearly having improved, and then Mass Effect 3, the last of the trilogy, was released in 2012 with the graphics being... semi-okay.

So, to sum it up, it’s been 8 years since the trilogy has ended.

And a lot can change in 8 years.

Mass Effect 3
Commander Shepard will be back! (Image Credit: EA)

When it comes to gaming, the most notable change in the last 8 years is undoubtedly the advancement of technology. Game Developers have a lot more leeway when it comes to creating their games. That includes the size of the games, but even more importantly, the graphics. You have probably found yourself amazed by how real some of these games released in 2020 have looked, especially when comparing them to games released ten years ago. A massive gap, right?

And well, since Mass Effect ended 8 years ago, fans of the trilogy wanted nothing more than a remastered of their favorite games. That means the same games, but with improved graphics.

And Bioware has actually listened!

Rumors have been going around for a while that a remastered version of the trilogy might be happening soon, but two days ago, on November 7th, Bioware surprised us all by releasing a teaser for the upcoming Legendary Edition, displaying exactly that, what fans have been yearning for: GRAPHIC IMPROVEMENTS.

The teaser looks absolutely fantastic, the models for the characters look so much more real compared to those of the original games, giving every fan that has been waiting forever for this a rush of excitement.

And to make matters even better, this will be released a lot sooner than expected, Spring 2021 already!

But now comes the important question:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Is It Worth It?

If you are a fan of the trilogy, then the answer to this question will be obvious.


If you have never heard of the game and will experience it for the first time with improved graphics, then the answer is also obvious.


However, if you’ve played the game before and know how it ends and were one of the few who was left extremely disappointed by it... might want to reconsider.

Mass effect 3 ending
Let's all pretend this is the real ME:3 ending and nothing happened before that, okay? (Image Credit: Bioware)

It seems like the only thing that Bioware has done in this Legendary Edition, is improve the graphics. That means in detail:

  • updated textures
  • updated shaders
  • updated models
  • updated effects
  • updated technical features
  • faster frame rates
  • sharper resolution
  • 4K Ultra HD optimization
  • compatibility for next-gen consoles

As you can tell, all of this focuses only on technical details. So those of you who hoped that Bioware might tweak the story - or more specifically - the ending, will probably be disappointed.

In a cast and crew reunion of N7 day, a day - November 7th - dedicated to Mass Effect each year, the voice actors that took part in this panel said that they had no idea about the remaster until the same time that fans did. Meaning, that they haven’t recorded any new lines of dialogue for the game, aka, no new choices/endings.

Now, obviously, nothing is set in stone yet, but given the fact that the game(s) will come out in Spring 2021, it seems unlikely that there will be any major changes to the game.

That having said, Mass Effect is still a trilogy that is worth a play and with this Legendary Edition, you will have the chance to buy all three games in one - DLC's to all games already included - and experience the RPG monster that is so beloved by the world of gaming.

Oh, and if you really need another reason other than the graphics? You can romance Aliens. In 4K.

Just putting that out there.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Liara
Liara is an Asari, an alien race, that will be one of several romance options for you! (Image Credit: Bioware)

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