Introducing Mr. Play - A New Way To Enjoy Esports!

We want to introduce you to Mr. Play. If you love Esports, and you're feeling lucky, then this is just for you! | sponsored

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The main reason for the success of the esports betting industry is the exact reason for the more significant esports industry's success as well. The industry community is uniquely passionate about these games, and the professionals that compete in them make the viewing experience superbly entertaining. Of course, with the incredible passion, the more of a desire for them to pursue the knowledge required to understand the strategies and minds behind these fantastic teams and plays that they make in each match! With the tight-knit community of esports, fans and professionals are closer than any other sport, making the entire industry more transparent and interesting to bet on for the match results.

Even though the industry is generally more transparent with esports betting, there is still a high degree of variability in what people believe the odds are of a given match. Thus, it's essential to use a betting platform that always gives great odds on each game. A top-tier platform like Mr. Play will give you some of the most interesting odds out there and at the same time keep your deposit supervised by the UK gambling commission for those of you living in the UK, as well as MGA license for those of you living in the European Union.

Currently, Mr. Play offers betting odds on over 20 traditional sports as well as esports Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League and more.

With minimum deposits of 10 Euros/GBP, a high degree of notoriety in the betting and casino industry, and great promotional events, Mr. Play is one of the few licensed platforms operating in the UK and Europe that offers Esports betting on their platform. Additionally, right now Mr. Play are currently running a promotion giving out a welcome bonus to each new depositor on their platform, for example in the UK you can deposit 10 GBP and get an additional 10GBP bonus to bet with (T&C applies).

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Additionally, Mr. Play even allows users to choose the site formatting to display the odds in either Decimal format (ex: Team A 2.80:1.4 Team B), Fractional format (ex: Team A 9/5: 2/5 Team B), or American format (ex: Team A +180: -250 Team B)

If you're looking to try your luck on your favorite bets with a licensed UKGC&MGA esports betting platform that offers a low minimum deposit such as 10 Euros/GBP here’s a link to Mr. Play.