PSOne Has Been Hacked! You Can Play Any Game for FREE!

The PS1 can be hacked with the tonyhax tool
The PS1 can be hacked with the tonyhax tool.

A new software hack tool has been created that effortlessly fools the PS1 into accepting unlicensed copies of video games. Dubbed "tonyhax" for reasons we're about to explain, this tool is a dream for every nostalgic gamer/pirate out there.

You still cherish the good old PS1 days? You don't care to bother with the madness around the PS5 and its lack of supply? Your favorite game is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2? You're a proud pirate? If all of those are true for you, then you'll be happy to find out that your old pal Tony is out to help you big time.

How to Hack the PS1 with Tonyhax?

It is shockingly easy for the enduser. Marcos Del Sol Vibes has created the tonyhax tool that does all the heavy lifting. You just have to download it from GitHub and find a way to copy the required files on a PS1 memory card.

Marcos was kind enough to recommend a couple of ways to do that with relative ease:

  • Use another modded console, such as a PS2 with Free McBoot and uLaunchELF, to copy the save files to the memory card. For this, you’d need to use the raw save files, making sure you do not rename them.

Use a PC-based memory card editor, such as:

Marcos recommends using the MCS files, since those are easier to import and won’t require manual configuration of the filename, region, etc.

The final ingredient is an original copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. You read that right. The point of exploitation is located within the create skater mode of that game. Once you have everything in order, create skater turns into a portal to any other unlicensed PS1 game you have under hand.

You can see how it all works right here:

Once you have the files on one PS1 memory card, transferring it to many more is no issue at all.

The only question that stands is: are you willing to go all the way into Tortuga and wave the pirate flag way up high? And why is the rum always gone?

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