Puma x Nintendo Collection's in Stock!

Puma x nintendo
To buy or not to buy is not even a question here, TO BUY OF COURSE! (Image Credit: Sneakerjagers/Puma/Nintendo)

Yes, you read that title correctly. There is a Puma x Nintendo Collection. And even though you might have heard of this before - since the collection has actually already been out for a while - maybe you haven't had your chance to purchase them yet. Well, then today is your lucky day! They're in stock!

Puma partnered with Nintendo for a Collection. Shoes, Pants, Hoodies… all those goodies are included. And let us make one thing crystal clear. These Nintendo Shoes? They look SICK.


Puma x nintendo shoe collection
Everything about this is fantastic! (Image Credit: Puma/Nintendo)

The collection also features shirts, hoodies, and pants, but we don’t talk about that part of the Puma x Nintendo Collection. Since the Nintendo shoes are so cool, you’d think the other parts of the Puma collection are just as great, right? Well, wrong. They're so basic that you could do this yourself if you wanted to. If you want to spend 40 bucks for a shirt with Mario on it though, go for it. We can't stop you.

Anyways, back to the shoes.

There are currently five different versions of shoes that you can purchase, the price ranging from 50-120 bucks. In all honesty, for Puma shoes with a cool design such as these ones, a price of under 90 bucks is worth it. Especially because Puma shoes are the kind of quality that will last you a while.

So, check out the Puma x Nintendo Collection before it's sold out again! We're sure it won't be long!

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