Rust Guide: Weapon Tiers

Rust m249
Rust blew up unexpectedly in 2021. (Credit: Facepunch)

Almost every PvP video game has different weapons that you can use. Some of them are more expensive and harder to craft, but they have some perks in the form of damage or accuracy.

We divided Rust weapons into six Tier groups, and we will subjectively rank them by their respective viability. Keep in mind that some weapons are better in certain situations and having a higher ranking weapon does not necessarily have to be better.

Rust Weapon Tiers
Rust Weapon Tiers. (Image credit: Tiermaker)

Rust Weapons: S Tier

  1. M249
  2. L96 Rifle
  3. Rocket Launcher

M249 is arguably the most powerful weapon in this game. The M249 can hold up to 100 bullets in one magazine with the rate of fire of 500 RPM. It also deals most damage with every type of bullets. The second weapon in S-Tier is L96 rifle which is the best sniper rifle in the game. Rocket Launcher is not useful in PvP situations, so it is best to use it for more things like raids and base defense.

Rust Weapons: A Tier

  1. Assault Rifle (AK-47)
  2. LR-300 Assault Rifle
  3. Bolt Action Rifle
  4. Multiple Grenade Launcher

AK-47 and LR-300 are both decent weapons with fairly high damage and RPM. Both weapons are great for long and short distance PvP battles. We can’t say which one is better because it is a matter of personal preference. Bolt Action Rifle is not as strong as L96 to be listed in S Tier, but it is still a decent weapon for base defending and guarding the perimeter.

Rust player png 9
Weapon looking rusty. Ha. Get it? (Credit: Rust)

Rust Weapons: B Tier

  1. MP5A4
  2. M39 Rifle
  3. Pump Shotgun
  4. Spas-12 Shotgun
  5. M92 Pistol

MP5A4 is something of an upgraded version of Custom SMG while M39 is an upgraded version of Semi-Automatic Rifle. Both Pump and Spas-12 shotguns are mid-tier close-ranged weapons. Pump deals more damage while Spas-12 has a faster rate of fire. Last but not least is the M92 Pistol, one of the best pistols in the game.

Rust Weapons: C Tier

  1. Semi-Automatic Rifle
  2. Thompson
  3. Python Revolver
  4. Semi-Automatic Pistol
  5. Custom SMG

Semi-Automatic Rifle and Custom SMG are cheaper versions of M39 and MP5A4 but with lower damage. On the other side, both weapons can deal great damage against not heavily armored opponents. Similarly to that, Semi-Automatic Pistol is a cheap version of M92 Pistol.

Rust pic
Run, so you don't get rusty... Ha. Another one. (Credit: Facepunch)

Rust Weapons: D Tier

  1. Revolver
  2. Waterpipe Shotgun
  3. Crossbow
  4. Compound Bow
  5. Nailgun
  6. Double Barrel Shotgun

Trash weapons, but better than nothing. That's all there is to it. Oh... right, the worst of the worst is yet to come:

Rust Weapons: E Tier

  1. Hunting Bow
  2. Wooden Spear
  3. Stone Spear
  4. Eoka Pistol

Guess these are better than just fists... right? Or for role-playing as an ancient Mayan. If that's your thing...

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