Xbox Series X Has a Hidden Master Chief

Mastercheif title cards
Guess who's hiding inside your Xbox? (Image Credit: Bungie)

Someone has thrown caution to the wind and opened their Xbox Series X only to discover a Master Chief inside. While it will most definitely cancel out your Xbox Series X warranty if you try to open it, it is still in there! Let's look so you don't have to.

The Xbox designers have once again hidden a Master Chief within the casing of the Xbox components. That’s right, this is not the first time the designers have added a little bit of flair to the casing that houses the computer hardware of the Xbox. The Xbox One had a Master Cheif etched onto the hard drive’s case. A YouTuber went through the effort in 2017 to carefully take apart an Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X also has the very same Master Chief etching placed on the power supply this time, but we cannot stress this enough: it will void your warranty, so it’s really not suggested. Instead just check out this picture below.

Xbox psu
Look here that way you don't have to go poking around your Xbox (Image Credit: Microsoft)

It’s very cool that the designers add these little easter eggs for die-hard fans to find. If you didn’t know, there is a rabbit hole on the internet of people taking apart and opening a wide variety of consumer electronics in an attempt to repair or just see what is inside.

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