Overwatch Halloween Terror Starts Tomorrow

Dva shin ryeong halloween terror skin
The Halloween Terror begins in less than 24 hours! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch is used to celebrating the Halloween season properly. The now traditional Halloween special event Halloween Terror is returning for another run, backed by many challenges and cosmetics, which should make the game feel more like a Halloween carnival than a regular video game.

Overwatch developers Blizzard Entertainment know what's up and aren't going to miss an opportunity to capitalize on that knowledge. We're all aware that Overwatch's appeal is 10% the game itself and 90% the cosmetics contained in it - skins, celebration dances and whatever else that makes you tingle.

That's why Blizzard never miss an opportunity to catch the Overwatch audience's attention with a skin-driven event. For the October holiday season, the frenzy is of course Halloween, hence we get a Halloween Overwatch event.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020

The Halloween Terror has become an Overwatch staple over the years. Its first rendition came in the year of the game's release - 2016, and has remained an integral part of the event calendar ever since then. This year's skin-fest begins tomorrow, October 13, and should include all of the regular stuff we've come to expect from the month of Terror: Halloween-themed items like character skins, sprays, celebrations. We expect Junkenstein to make his haunting return too.

As usual, there will be some legendary skins on the market, such as the D.Va Shin-Ryeong skin:

The Halloween Terror will go on for three weeks – from October 13 until November 3 – and will include numerous challenges through which you can get your hands on all the precious items. Good luck!

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