Overwatch League Playoffs: All Teams, Streams, and Results (UPDATED)

Overwatch League Playoffs All Teams Streams and Results
It’s definitely the year of the Dragon (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Despite all the coronavirus trouble, controversies, and a sensible loss of fan interest, the Overwatch League is going strong into its third season. The struggle between the world’s finest has moved past the long regular season and has entered the exciting Playoffs phase where teams are knocked out and only the most skilled ones remain.

To top it all off, the team that was viewed as nothing but a meme in OWL’s first season is now comfortably sitting on top and making promises to get its hands on the trophy and silencing all naysayers once and for all.

The first out of the three Playoffs weekends is now history and the results are in. After many battles and constant twists and turns between September 3 and 6, 10 teams made it out. These are easily the League’s best and pretty much all of them have a feasible chance to make it out in the next bracket, even the somewhat shaky Florida Mayhem and Atlanta Reign.

The teams left standing, ranked more or less by performance, are:

NA Bracket:

  • Philadelphia Fusion
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Washington Justice
  • LA Valiant
  • Florida Mayhem
  • Atlanta Reign

Asia Bracket:

  • Shanghai Dragons
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • New York Excelsior
  • Guangzhou Charge

The next edition of the Playoffs is set for this weekend, will be streamed over the Overwatch League YouTube Gaming channel and over the official OWL website, the latter of which also provides fans with 5 OWL tokens for every hour spent watching. Listed below are all the matchups and their results will be updated as the games progress, so stay tuned!

  • Atlanta Reign 0-3 Florida Mayhem
  • Washington Justice 3-1 Los Angeles Valiant
  • New York Excelsior 3-0 Guangzhou Charge
  • Seoul Dynasty 2-3 Shanghai Dragons
  • San Francisco Shock 3-1 Philadelphia Fusion
  • Washington Justice 3-0 Florida Mayhem
  • Seoul Dynasty 3-0 New York Excelsior
  • Washington Justice 0-3 Philadelphia Fusion

Will Shanghai continue to dominate through the Playoffs like they’ve been doing all season? Will Charge’s funky compositions pay off? And will we see Sung-hyeon "JJoNak" Bang finally play anything different than Zenyatta? It’s time to find out!

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