Overwatch Season 23 Top Heroes for Open Queue

Overwatch Heroes
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Since the start of Overwatch Season 23 in on July 2, players have been able to play independently at last! The teams of six players are no longer forced to choose their heroes according to the well-known 2-2-2 ratio for tanks, healers and damage dealers.

In addition to new heroes' balance adjustments, Blizzard Entertainment has fundamentally changed the system for ranked games in Overwatch with season 23. You no longer have to choose which role you want to play and can always use your favorites if you feel that your team needs you more than ever. But how good are your mains in the current meta and after the buffs and nerfs of some heroes? Let's take a look at some of the best, shall we?

We Have Divided the Heroes Into Three Tiers for you:

Tier 1: The best heroes. They fit into almost any team and are played a lot.

Tier 2:
If the Tier 1 heroes are already taken, fall back on Tier 2. Here, we have assigned heroes who are well-balanced.

Tier 3:
If you find your main here, don't be alarmed. The tier list is based on the solo queue. Even if the Tier 3 heroes are not performing well in solo play at the moment, they can work well enough in an organized team.

Here are the best heroes for solo queue right now:


Tracer Overwatch
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Tier 1

McCree: Our coin flip. Everyone knows the McCree in the team takes over the game within the first minute. The rule here is: lean back and enjoy the Wild West Show.

Hanzo: Once you've mastered Hanzo, you never have to play anything else again. Hanzo is a perfect addition to both the offensive and defensive roles. He has high damage and can create fantastic openings by climbing walls. His Ultimate can take out entire teams in no time if positioned well.

Echo: Echo came with Season 21. On the test server, it was by far the strongest damage dealer and, even if she has now been adjusted, it is still one of the top picks.

Ashe: Ashe? The developers probably misspelled the word "damage" because that is exactly what the Western heroine represents. She's in our top tier for a good reason.

Widowmaker: This French madame can hardly be assigned to a Tier. Her efficiency depends heavily on the skill of the player. She should only be picked if you have enough experience with her. She is in Tier 1 mostly because she can be a thorn in the side of the opposing team, but that depends on the player's skill.

Tier 2

Junkrat: What else can we say. Junkrat deals damage, damage, and more damage! He's in our tier 2 list as he can be singled out, but that shouldn't stop you from playing him.

Soldier: 76: Our all-rounder. He has a strong DPS if you play it well and don't attack or defend the team in a coordinated manner. There is also his stim pack, which causes group healing. Soldier: 76, however, is not outstanding.

Doomfist: One of the slightly different heroes in Overwatch. Even if his rocket punch knocks out most of the heroes in one fell swoop, you have to think carefully about when to fight or flee with him. Since you can't always make the right decision in the solo queue, and the team doesn't play along.

Pharah: She flies over the battlefield, and you only have to aim with it to a limited extent. We have long treated Pharah as Tier 1 hero. She offered everything you could hope for from a damage handler. Mobility and damage alike. But we are now in season 23. The players know Pharah. They position themselves better and have got used to the movement patterns. She's just an easier target to take down.

Reaper: Lots of damage at close range. It triggers paranoia and stress on the opposing Carries. Reaper, can, however, be shut-down incredibly quickly once he's used his Shadow Step, it's over for him.

Mei: This researcher can quickly make you glow white before she cools you down in seconds and treats you like an ice sculpture. She can heal herself and, with practice, defeat any hero 1vs1. However, she's not a strong pick on every map.

Genji: Ah, Genji. Genji is actually the classic solo hero. As a ninja, he climbs over buildings and walls and thus specifically eliminates his opponents. To achieve the latter, however, you have to master him and the blade to make him a tier 1 pick.

Tracer: The British counters some heroes like Bastion and Torbjorn. However, she is difficult to play and you can often overestimate yourself and therefore die. Tracer can only deal damage at very short range, so you need to be careful!

Torbjorn: A brilliant hero for defense. Tier 2, because you can't always defend yourself.

Tier 3 -

His name says it all. However, he is only strong in defense on some maps and is often an easy target in solo queue.

Since her last buff, the magazine has been filling up when dealing damage to shields. But that's the only good thing about Symmetra. Her range is very limited and quickly dies in a fight.

Sombra is difficult to play AND actually only works well in a coordinated team. Not a particularly suitable hero to rise in the ranking.


Overwatch Mercy Blizzard
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Tier 1

Brigitte: After the rework, she is weaker. But everyone is still picking her right now, so still an undefeated Tier 1 pick for us.

Baptiste: Baptiste is up here! It's easy to hit your healing grenades by aiming at surrounding terrain or positioning yourself above the team. This means you can achieve above-average output and use Ults to your team's benefit.

Tier 2

Mercy: Mercy would definitely be in Tier 1 in the Premade team. After the last buffs, she is very strong once again. In the solo queue, however, it depends on whether you have damage dealers who understand their skills and Mercy's skillset.

Ana: Every damage dealer dreams of getting Ana's Ult. Her heal output is enormous, her CC against heroes like Tracer and Genji is awesome. However, you have to aim well with it to be effective.

Moira: Not everyone can land in the first tier. Although Moira enables strong healing output for several team members at the same time and is very mobile compared to most other supports, Brigitte and Baptiste are still one step ahead of Moira.

Tier 3

Zenyatta: Baptiste and Brigitte are stronger alternatives to the floating monk. Yes, he can do a lot of damage but let's be honest, that's not his job, and if that's just what sets him apart, it doesn't mean much.

Lucio: There are now many stronger alternatives to our skater. What makes Lucio strong is good coordination and communication with the team. You can use this to provide game-winning plays. And play good music.


Overwatch Reinhardt
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Tier 1

Reinhardt: Anyone who has ever stood behind this wall will know what we are talking about. His insanely strong defensive role should be known to everyone who plays him. His shield shows some slight disadvantages compared to Orisa, however. Honestly, who doesn't enjoy standing behind a Reinhardt? For us, he's Tier 1.

D.Va: D.Va can take advantage of the poor positioning of the opposing team in the shortest possible time. Her damage is above average after the last buffs, making her a big obstacle for the opponents.

Roadhog: He has a lot of HP and can also sustain himself. His cooldowns are not particularly long, and he has a deadly combination with his hook and shotgun that is simply OP. Anyone who has ever been hit and pulled by Roadhog knows what we're talking about. Intimidating and efficient.

Sigma: Sigma has both strong offensive and defensive capabilities. However, he is relatively difficult to play and master but in the right hands, the fantastic hero does damage comparable to high damage dealers.

Orisa: A perfect team tank. She has been at the top again since the last buff. Orisa can serve any situation and defuse opposing engagements.

Tier 2

Wrecking Ball: There are situations where Wrecking Ball is strong. Sorry, little hamster, but unfortunately you have no shield for your team! What he lacks in shields, Wrecking Ball makes up for being annoying to play against.

Zarya: Zarya is a great solo hero. She is a true survivor who deals solid damage when her shield is fully charged. But a certain skill rating makes it difficult to achieve the damage she can dish out.

Tier 3

Winston: Winston lands in last here. Right now, he can hardly support his team members. Although his stats aren't too bad, there are too many heroes like Sigma, Reaper, or Orisa who quickly pull the fur over the scientist's ears.

After the recent adjustments to Season 23, this is our tier list for solo queue. Let us know what you think!

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