Overwatch Concept Art: Mercy Was Quite Different!

overwatch mercy concept art
Mercy didn't always look like this! (Credit: Blizzard)

Happy anniversary, Blizzard! As part of their 30th anniversary, the developers have released Overwatch concept art showing early versions of our favorite characters, among other things. You won't believe what Mercy was supposed to look like!

We actually know Mercy as an angelic healer with wings and blonde hair but in the original version, she was quite different. Celebrating their30-yearr anniversary Blizzard Entertainment have revealed some early Overwatch concept art that we're all curious about:

Mercy's look certainly wasn't set in stone as a couple of options were considered. Blizzard wanted to have a male and a female version for the character but ultimately decided on the Mercy we know today. It probably would have been too much work to create two completely different models for one character, including custom animations and backstory.

There was also some concept art shown for earlier versions of Sombra. Originally, she was going to be called Omniblade and throw daggers! Today's Sombra is much more modern on the road. However, the old look is something to behold as well!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.