Top 5 Overwatch Supports You’re Glad To Have By Your Side

Top 5 overwatch supports you want by your side
Did someone call a doctor? (Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

It’s Season 26 and Overwatch continues to evolve and shift its metagame. However, one thing never changes – the worth of Support heroes in any composition. Sure, it feels great to slice up some noobs and blow them up with a big ultimate, but without somebody healing you, you don’t get very far. That’s why today we’ve listed the top 5 Supports you’re always happy to see in your comp!

5. Ana

Ana is Overwatch’s motherly figure in more ways than one. First off, she’s a cool sniper granny who uses sleep darts and fires at her own guys to heal! Second, in the hands of a skilled player, this character is a literal life-saver! No matter what playstyle you prefer, having an Ana to guard your back immediately makes your team better.

4. Mercy

Mercy is Overwatch’s quintessential Support hero, and for a good reason. Sure, she keeps coming in and out of style depending on the metagame, but her Resurrect ability is always welcome, especially on those squishy DPS heroes we’re so fond of!

3. Lúcio

Oh let’s break it DOWN! Many Support heroes tend to play “by the book” – run behind your teammates and heal, pop your ultimate on time, that sort of thing. Not Lúcio! If you like to have fun and maybe play a dirty prank from time to time, this is the Hero you need by your side! Sneaky and hilarious!

2. Brigitte

Okay, let’s talk power! You know that competitive Overwatch is all about shields and who is the best shield in the game? Reinhardt. And who’s Reinhardt’s best buddy? Correct, that would be Brigitte. If you like to steamroll your opponents and smash them with a hammer, there’s no better Hero to support you than good old Brigitte!

1. Baptiste

If you saw this one coming from a mile away, then congratulations – you know your Overwatch. There’s not much to say about Baptiste that hasn’t been repeated to death – the guy can perform, he’s versatile, and he’s pretty much the best Support you can have in your comp. Having an experienced Baptiste player on your team is always a blessing!

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