Out of Nowhere! KONAMI Release PES 2022 Demo

PES 2022 Demo
KONAMI came with an original, distinctive name for the PES 2022 demo. | © KONAMI

It's blazing hot where I am, and it would take something big to take me out of my sweaty slumber. A PES 2022 demo?! That will do the trick!

KONAMI have given every Pro Evolution Soccer fan something to cheer for right in the middle of EURO 2020. The silence surrounding the series' return has been broken by a demo that came as surprising as an RKO.

KONAMI Drop Early PES 2022 Demo Version

No build-up, no nothing. Just like that, KONAMI released an early beta demo version of what is supposed to become PES 2022 this autumn.

When Is The PES 2022 Demo?

The demo is available from today, June 24, until July 8, 2021. PC players, look away now: this demo is only available on consoles.

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners can all download the product from their respective console store and give it a spin. Cross-play is enabled. Here's the fun part: don't look for PES 2022 demo or something along the lines at the store. Nope. KONAMI have given actual thought to the title of the demo and came up with "New Football Game Online Performance Test". This is just so KONAMI.

What's in the PES 2022 Demo?

The publisher goes on to explain that the sole purpose of this release is to test server connectivity. Thus, the only mode available is 1v1 online multiplayer. The roster of teams is also limited to a few - standard practice for a sports game demo. The teams you can use are Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Barcelona. Not too shabby.

Due to the nature of it, the New Football Game Online Performance Test would not represent the finished product in terms of makeup and gameplay. We will probably find out more about that in the second part of July, when the results of this beta testing have been added to what KONAMI have already developed.

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