PES 2021 eFootball.Pro IQONIC Matchday 7: Joy and Pain

eFootball.Pro PES 2021 FC Barcelona vs. FC Bayern
Matchday 7 saw the Match of the Day, FC Barcelona vs. FC Bayern München. (Credit: Konami/eFootball PES via YouTube)

The regular season of the eFootball.Pro League in PES 2021 is coming to an end. With Matchday 7, which took place on Saturday, April 10, the field of participants has moved even closer together in the standings.

Particular focus was placed on the "Match of the Day," FC Barcelona vs. FC Bayern München. While this match turned out well from a German perspective, the result for FC Schalke 04 this weekend was not quite as good.

FC Bayern München Wins the Duel of the Titans

The duel between FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich was awaited with great excitement, especially since the German club is stuck in the bottom half of the table and had to use this tie to keep a chance to qualify for the knockout stage.

Bayern got off to a furious start in the first game; captain Jose Carlos "JOSE" Sánchez Guillén scored the first goal as early as the 4th minute, before his teammate Alejandro "Alex Alguacil" Segura increased the lead to 2-0 in the 10th minute. The comfortable lead was only put in jeopardy in the 72nd minute, when Alejandro "ALEXR" Rulo Vizuete scored the equalizer for the Blaugrana. However, it was not enough for more than that and so the first game ended 2:1 from FC Bayern's point of view.

E Football Pro Bayern Tor
The important 2:0 goal secured the victory for Bayern in the first match against FC Barcelona. (Credit: eFootball PES via YouTube)

The second game in this exciting match-up started quite differently: After a goalless first half, Alexis "ALEX GRD" Garaud was able to score the lead for FC Barcelona. However, Bayern captain Guillén came to the rescue in this match as well. In the 69th minute, "JOSE" scored the equalizer, which is worth its weight in gold for the Munich team. Thus, the German team comes out of the "Match of the Day" with important 4 points and secures a good starting position for the season finale.

In the post-match interview, Bayern München's Miguel "MESTRE" Oltra summarized the tie like this:

It was a solid matchday. In the first game we were better, in the second game we knew they really wanted the three points. It's okay, we are happy with the result and hope to get the 6 points next matchday against Manchester United.

FC Schalke 04 is no match to Manchester United

FC Schalke 04 also quickly set the field on fire, taking a 1-0 lead after three minutes in their first match against Manchester United. However, the early goal by Mehrab "MeroMen" Esmailian was not enough: After a quick equalizer and a tense back-and-forth between the "Knappen" and the Red Devils, who had to play the final minutes with ten men after a red card, youngster Mikolaj "Ostrybuch" Zietek scored a brace to decide the match 3:2 for Man United.

Schalke took it upon themselves to come back in the second game and make up for the unfortunate result of the first game. However, it did not come to that. The second game ended 0-0, marking the first goalless draw of the entire season.

In the interview after the match, Esmailian aired out his frustrations:

We can't lose the first game. It's not okay for Man United to counterattack against us with 10 men. In the second game we have to use our chances better. In the next game against Juventus, we have to be better.

The Rest of the Results of Matchday 7

eFootball.Pro Ergebnisse 7.Spieltag
All results in Matchday 7 of the eFootball.Pro. (Credit: eFootball PES via YouTube)

The tie between AS Roma and Celtic FC ended with a positive result for the Romans. After a hard-fought 2:2 in the first game, AS managed to win the second game 2-1 and thus emerges from the match day with 4 points.

In the duel of the first against the currently last placed team in the standings - Arsenal FC against Galatasaray SK - there were some surprises. The Turkish team actually managed to win the first game 2-1. The two teams also engaged in a battle in the second game, but the league leaders won 3:2 after all.

The last duel of the match day - Juventus FC vs. AS Monaco - was eagerly awaited, as there is only two points between the two teams in the table. The match-up did not disappoint expectations; the first game ended with a 3:1 for AS Monaco, thanks to a fantastic hat trick by Kilyan "Kilzyou" Faucheux. The second game then went the other way around, with the Old Lady also recording a 3:1 victory.

eFootball.Pro Tabelle 7.Spieltag
The standings after Matchday 7. (Credit: Konami)

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