Quick guide to Legends of Runeterra's Singleton Gauntlet

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Image credit: Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra recently announced its gauntlet series, with the first two weekends being dedicated to a no-duplicate-cards Singleton Gauntlet. What is it about and how do you play it?

Patch 1.4 for Legends of Runeterra unveiled a new gauntlet mode, offering players the chance to compete in mini-events with special rules called gauntlets. The first such event is the Singleton Gauntlet taking place right now, from July 3 until July 6, and it will return next weekend for another round between July 10 and July 13.

What is the singleton gauntlet

Gauntlets are similar to expeditions, and to win the gauntlet you need to accumulate 7 wins with a single deck. You must not lose two games in a row and you get only one try to win the final seventh win. The event has no entry fee or limit to the number of tries, so it’s okay if you don’t make it on the first try.

In fact, considering the rules, there is a good chance that you won’t. According to singleton rules, you must only have one copy of any card in your deck, which means that the odds of you getting a specific card when you need it are rather low. Better hope RNJesus loves you.

Still, you can get two exclusive rewards from the event, one that is just for participation and the other for actually winning. In the patch news, Riot promised more rewards further down the line, so treat this as a chance to practice.

Singleton Strategies

Singleton decks, as players quickly realized, can be quite unreliable due to the lack of redundancy - a given card can only come up once. This can be a serious problem for aggressive decks, especially with a limited card pool. Aggressive decks rely on being able to keep up the pressure - and right now, it’s hard to have enough cards to do that reliably. That is not to say you cannot be aggressive with a singleton deck, but it might take some practice.

Instead, expect games to take a bit longer and plan for it. With longer games and with several strategies being restricted, a more cautious style relying on late-game bombs can pay off. That Pursuit of Purrfection will come eventually. At the same time, considering the lack of control over what comes when, having multiple win conditions will be key.

Champion interactions will likewise be harder to plan for, so having picks that can be strong throughout the game is usually a better idea. That said, you should still have a game plan, just make sure it can survive not drawing a certain card early on.


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