Titanium White Dominus Available in Rocket League!

The Shiny Behemoth of Rocket League's vehicles has made its triumphant return - the Titanium White Dominus!

rocket league titanium white dominus
The Titanium White Dominus has made its triumphant return to Rocket League. | © Psyonix

One of Rocket League’s first DLC packs contained the Dominus. It was an immediate success that remains a fan-favorite to this day, with few other vehicles beating its pure style and substance. And why wouldn’t it remain a fan favorite? Resembling a 1965 Pontiac GTO, the vintage beauty is a timeless classic and deserves every bit of attention that it gets.

Following a major Rocket League update in late 2019, the Dominus body became freely available to everyone as standard, and people were happy. Those who had sprung for the DLC back in 2015 received extra Credits and Bonus Gifts, the new Rocket League Item Shop launched, and things moved forward.

That’s all well and good, but what’s up with the Titanium White Dominus, then? Well, that's simple: it has made it back into the Rocket League Item Shop and we couldn't be more excited!

The Story of Rocket League's Titanium White Dominus

The Titanium White Dominus rarely returns to Rocket League, some saying that it returns only "once in a Titanium White Moon". This explains, perhaps, why it is such a sought-after Rocket League item. Originally, Titanium White was not actually available for the Dominus. Then, in January 2020, Psyonix finally sprang the news. The Titanium White Dominus was here, and it was beautiful.

Immediately, reactions were mixed, from happy to extremely unhappy. On the one hand, everyone had wanted the Titanium White Dominus, so excitement was off the charts, but on the other... the shiny new body arrived with some asterisks attached to it. First, it cost 1100 Credits (or $10 USD) at the store. Second, it was a limited-time-only body. Last but not least, previous purchasers of the Supersonic Fury DLC pack in 2015 didn’t get it. Bizarre.

The Titanium White Dominus Returns to Rocket League

Now, with great excitement, we can confirm that the Titanium White Dominus has returned to Rocket League. It may be expensive, it may be absurd, but it is truly gorgeous and a must-buy for any fan of either the Dominus or the Titanium White Decal.

Costing, again, 1100 Rocket League Credits - the equivalent of $10 USD - the Titanium White Dominus will be available for the next two days (from February 22, 2022), swinging its way amongst the star-studded collection of Items that are currently available in that Item Store we've all come to love. Take a look:

rocket league titanium white dominus
The Titanium White Dominus is truly a marvel to behold. | © Psyonix

Ever since game developer Epic Games purchased Psyonix and Rocket League went free-to-play, people have been miffed. Some in the Rocket League community have been accusing Epic Games of going for a quick cash grab with the Titanium White Dominus. They wouldn't be wrong.

After all, many worried that this new model, while offering something fans wanted, might result in even heavier microtransactions. Yet again, they weren't wrong. Here we are, two years after the Titanium White Dominus bumped its way into Rocket League, and we are being ringed for every penny we have. For what? A pretty car with a pretty decal - well, more like a virtual car and a virtual decal. It's hardly worth it.

This is something only time will tell, though. And who knows? Maybe the White Titan will come back for free if enough Rocket League fans ask for it? It's doubtful, but if you’re passionate about this, we reckon you should try suggesting it on Rocket League’s official feedback channels! Until next time...

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