New 2v2 Tournaments Are Coming in Rocket League Season 4!

Rocket league 2v2 tournament season 4
2v2 Tournaments are coming to Rocket League in Season 4! | © Psyonix

Psyonix have unveiled a bunch of news about Rocket League Season 4, but principal in the announcement was that 2v2 Tournaments are finally coming! This highly-anticipated and much-requested game mode brings competitive 2v2 Tournaments to Rocket League Season 4, and we couldn't be more hyped. What are Rocket League 2v2 Tournaments, and how will Rocket League 2v2 Tournaments work in Season 4?

Season 3 is coming to an end, and Rocket League Season 4 will finally begin on August 11. In other words: out with the bad, and in with the (hopefully) good. Well, we have to admit that this first major announcement about Rocket League Season 4 certainly gets our heads spinning! Could this, perhaps, be a good Season? 2v2 Tournaments are finally coming to Rocket League Season 4, and we're here to break down exactly what they'll be and how they'll work!

Mary, mother of God! 2v2 Tournaments are coming to Rocket League Season 4! What else do we know? Well, you better check out some more of our articles to catch yourself up.

What Are Rocket League 2v2 Tournaments?

Rocket League 2v2 Tournaments are a new mode that allows you and a mate to enter into a 32-team bracket, and work your way to victory! It's basically going to be the same as 3v3 Tournaments, and the daily 2v2 tournaments will not replace the 3v3s. Instead, Rocket League 2v2 Tournaments will hit Season 4 with style, creating a huge new selection of tournaments each and every day. Players have been wanting to play 2v2 Tournaments for ages, so this is certainly a fantastic edition for Rocket League Season 4!

How Will Rocket League 2v2 Tournaments Work in Season 4?

  • 2v2 Tournaments will work more-or-less exactly the same as 3v3 Tournaments.
  • You can join a competitive 2v2 Tournament with a friend or by yourself.
  • There will be 32-Team Brackets.
  • Daily Competitive Tournaments schedule has been expanded so the total Daily Tournaments increase, meaning that 2v2 Tournaments will not mean less 3v3 Tournaments.
  • There will be 8-12 new Tournaments every week (in each region).
  • Psyonix will be adding Extra Mode Tournaments every day in a variety of game modes. Thus, look out for new Extra Mode Tournaments each and every day.
    • Teams will enter Extra Mode Tournaments at their personal Tournament Rank, but their Tournament Rank will not be affected by their performance in Extra Mode Tournaments.
    • Players will still, however, receive Tournament Credits and Tournament Winner Titles from Extra Mode Tournaments (and, of course, standard Tournaments as well).

What Rocket League Game Modes Are Available in 2v2 Tournaments?

  • Standard
  • Rumble
  • Hoops
  • Snow Day
  • Dropshot

Well, there you have it, folks! The first piece of great news about Rocket League Season 4! Psyonix are finally bringing 2v2 Tournaments to Rocket League in Season 4, and we couldn't be more hyped. As always, if you want a more detailed breakdown of Rocket League's new 2v2 Tournaments, check out the details on the Rocket League website. Stick to EarlyGame for the best and most comprehensive Rocket League coverage on the internet, and eat a pizza.

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