Bluey Joins Guild Esports, Completing UK Roster

Bluey joins guild esports
Bluey has joined Guild Esports! | © Bluey & Dreamhack

Rocket League Pro, Dan "Bluey" Bluett, has joined Guild Esports in the lead-up to RLCS 2021/2022. The move follows a disappointing RLCS X for Guild Esports, with the team finishing 4th place in Europe and 10th overall. Now, Bluey is joining Guild Esports effective immediately, completing their RLCS 11 lineup.

Guild Esports now features an all-British team, with Bluey joining Joseph "noly" Kidd and David "Deevo" Morrow. Coached by Mike "Gregan" Ellis, the organization is backed by David Beckham, and seeks improved results after its first Rocket League Championship Series in Season 10.

Bluey has already teamed up with fellow Guild Esports player David "Deevo" Morrow when they both played for FC Barcelona in 2020. The reunion seems to be a key reason as to why Bluey signed with Guild Esports, seeing as the pair have successfully worked together in the past.

Speaking of his new partnership with Guild Esports, as well as his reunion with Deevo, Bluey said the following:

I’ve been playing Rocket League since the start... I’m a very competitive person. It feels amazing to play with Deevo again. Dave [and I] have such an amazing connection, we just get each other

This is great news for Guild Esports, who struggled in the last Rocket League Championship Series, the first in which they competed, finishing 10th place globally, and 4th place in Europe. Despite not making it into the top 3, the 2691 circuit points they received were a pretty solid achievement for such a new team.

After RLCS X, Guild Esports parted ways with Thomas "ThO." Binkhorst on September 6, opening a space for Bluey to join the team. ThO went on to join an all-Dutch team alongside Jos "ViolentPanda" van Meurs and coach John "Virge" Willis.

Despite 4th place being a disappointment for some, Guild Esports had only just entered the RLCS arena in Season 10. Speaking about RLCS X as well as Bluey's Guild Esports signing, the organization's Director of Esports had the following to say:

I'm personally really excited for Bluey to join the team. This is obviously the super exciting young talent of a couple years ago, who was one of the most exciting players to enter the team. So to have that in-game is obviously a huge bonus.

Honestly, mate: we have no idea what you're saying here. That's a non-sensical couple of sentences, and thus we will summarize for our readers: it is hugely exciting that Bluey is joining Guild Esports. Sweet! You got the message, now it's time to bugger off and play Rocket League.

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