BMW M240i Comes to Rocket League: Bundle, Release Date, Price, more

Psyonix are teaming up with BMW to bring the BMW M240i to Rocket League. What's in the BMW Bundle, when is it available, and what is the BMW RLCS Event?

Rocket league bmw M240i
What's the deal with Rocket League's latest Battle Car, the BMW M240i? | © Psyonix & BMW

Psyonix and BMW are teaming up to bring the BMW M240i to Rocket League. Thus, with yet another Battle Car, the sleek, sturdy, and solid power of German engineering is making its way into everyone's favorite car-football game. The trailer was an interesting affair, with the folks over at Psyonix yet again proving to everyone that when technology progresses to the point of rocket-propelled cars, we won't be using them for anything particularly productive.

No, instead of rocket-propelled BMW's being used for transportation, we will see them used to play football. Now, this all seems very cool, but surely they could be used for something better, right? Well, that all being said, the BMW M240i is coming to Rocket League, and will even be featuring in a brand new RLCS event. What's in the BMW M240i bundle, when is it available, and how much does it cost?

BMW Joins Rocket League

The BMW M240i is joining the Rocket League Battle Car arsenal, bringing with it a Torching Rocket Boost and a selection of cool BMW-themed items. There's a lot to say about the BMW M240i itself, though. With a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder engine, this vehicle is one of BMW's most iconic, sexiest, and sleekest vehicles to date.

What's in the BMW M240i Bundle?

  • BMW M240i Car Body
  • BMW M240i Wheels
  • Thundernight Metallic Decal
  • United in Rivalry Animated Decal
  • Bavarian Hat Topper
  • BMW Player Banner

The BMW M240i is customizable with other Rocket League items, something that is especially exciting for long-time Rocket League fans, who would know that most of these limited-time Battle Cars do not feature many customization options.

How Much is the BMW M240i Bundle Price?

You can pick up the BMW M240i Bundle for 1100 Rocket League Credits, which equates to approximately $10 USD. This seems like a pretty reasonable price, seeing as you can customize this new Car Body any way you want and that the bundle includes five other Rocket League items on top of the BMW M240i itself.

When is the BMW M240i Release Date?

You will be able to pick up the BMW M240i and its associated bundle on January 20. We do not know when these items will be removed from the Rocket League Item Shop, but the last time it was only available for around a week, so we expect it to leave the shop on January 26.