What is a Clear in Rocket League?

What is a clear in Rocket League? Well, it's a little complicated, so we're here to explain.
Rocket league what is a clear
We take a look at clears in Rocket League, how to use them, and what they are. | © Psyonix

Rocket League is full of skills to learn, master, and turn to your advantage. There are tons of fantastic tips and tricks to share – there always are, and there always will be – some simple, and some complex. A question on many people's minds at the moment seems to be "What is a clear in Rocket League?" Well, it's not too complicated to understand, but it can be complicated to pull off.

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What is a Clear in Rocket League?

A clear in Rocket League is when you hit the ball as far up the pitch as you can, away from your goal. It is often done from the center-field, and is somewhat similar to what you would call a "clearance" in regular football (soccer). A Rocket League clear is perfect for turning a defense into an offense, and to turn the tide of a game towards your favor. However, it can be pretty hard to pull off properly.

Why Should I Clear in Rocket League?

A Rocket League Clear is the perfect way to turn a defensive game into an offensive game. Imagine this: you are in your closing minute, tied, or losing. Your opponent has the ball shooting in the direction of your goal, loss seems nigh, but with a perfect Rocket League clear, you manage to push back, launching the ball all the way to the opposite end of the pitch. Sounds useful? Well, it sure is!

How To Clear in Rocket League

To clear in Rocket League, you need to smash the ball as hard as you can away from your goal, preferably down the center of the pitch. A clear is basically just managing to launch the ball as far from your goal as possible (so that it is 'clear' of the goal), down the pitch, and into a position where you can get into a position of offense rather than defense. A Rocket League clear might seem hard, with your opponents trying their best to destroy you, but if you get good at this simple skill: you will become a Rocket League god!

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