Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle: All Items & Details

The brand new Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle brings the Ecto-1 decal and the Stay Puft Goal Explosion to Rocket League.

Rocket league ghostbusters afterlife bundle
The Ecto-1 is the famous car from Ghostbusters. Pretty cool, right? | © Psyonix

Ghostbusters Afterlife has hit theaters. This time, instead of an all-star cast of awful comedians, shocking CGI, and cringes through the wazoo, we're greeted by Paul Rudd, who was recently named the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine. Oh, and a brand-new Ghostbusters-themed Rocket League Bundle has graced us with its presence. What's not to love?

Coming with the new Ghostbusters-themed Bundle is a solid selection of decals, engine audio, wheels, boosts, and trails. Of course, there's also the Ecto-1 vehicle itself, which is almost as sexy as Paul Rudd in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and the return of the Marshmallow Man with the new Stay Puft Goal Explosion. As a side-note, though, Paul Rudd really is a wonderful human being, isn't he? Okay, back to Rocket League.

Stay Puft Goal Explosion Returns to the Rocket League Item Shop

The Stay Puft Goal Explosion has made its long-awaited return to the Rocket League Item Shop, retailing for 1000 RL Credits. It is a separate, but fabulous addition to this wonderful celebration of Ghostbusters. Yes, it's not part of the Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle, but does it really need to be? It's iconic, it's delicious, it's adorable, and it originates from one of the all-time greatest films.

For a puny $10 USD, you can have the Stay Puft Goal Explosion greet you every time you show off your Rocket League prowess. The goal explosion itself launches its way out of the goals, before disintegrating and leaving its lonely white chef's hat on the ground. Seriously, it certainly deserves to be labeled as one of the best Goal Explosions in Rocket League. Just fabulous, though not quite as fabulous as Paul Rudd. He's just a true babe. Honestly.

What is in the Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle?

  • Ecto-1 Vehicle
  • Ecto-1 Reel Life Decal
  • Ecto-1 Reel Afterlife Decal
  • Ecto-1 Engine Audio
  • Ecto-1 BK Wheel
  • Spirits Boost
  • RTV Trail

The Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle is not just about that sexy-as Ecto-1 Vehicle, after all, it couldn't possibly be as sexy as Paul Rudd (did we mention that he was recently voted the sexiest man alive?), so it has to be propped up by a few things. In our opinion, when the Ecto-1 is combined with that fantastic new Reel Life Decal, and those gorgeous new wheels, not even Ruddy-boy himself could stand in the way!

When is the Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle Available in Rocket League?

The Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle will be available in Rocket League from November 11 through to November 22. With the film releasing in the US on November 19, this is one fabulous way to not only celebrate the release of Paul Rudd's latest flick (oh, and the return of Ghostbusters to actually being, you know... good), but also to prepare your body for that same celebration. Oh, and the Stay Puft Goal Explosion will be available for 48 hours, starting from November 11.

How Much is the Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle Price?

The Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle will cost 1100 RL Credits, or about $10 USD, with the new items being available separately to the Ecto-1 in a bundle valued at 600 RL Credits. Each item is also available separately, at the following prices:

  • Ecto-1 Vehicle: 500 RL Credits
  • RTV Trail: 300 RL Credits
  • Spirits Boost: 400 RL Credits
  • Ecto-1 BK Wheels: 200 RL Credits
  • Reel Life Decal: 100 RL Credits
  • Reel Afterlife Decal: 100 RL Credits

Now, that's about enough reading, isn't it? We're kind of sick of writing, too, so it seems that we have come to this conclusion at about the same time. It's okay, waddle on off, pick up the Ghostbusters Afterlife Bundle for Rocket League, and make sure to enjoy the Ecto-1 and the Stay Puft Goal Explosion. They're awesome! In the meantime, I'm just going to sit down and froth over pictures of Paul Rudd. Oh, mama.