Envy Gaming Signs Athena Ahead of RLCS 11

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Athena is joining Envy Gaming! | © Athena

Athena has signed with Envy Gaming, a major Dallas-based Esports and Entertainment organization, ahead of RLCS 11, which is due to start later in August. It's big news that Envy Gaming has signed Athena, who boasts more than 1.5 million followers on social media, as Rocket League's rosters of major-league streamers continues to grow. Here's everything we know about the Athena-Envy signing...

Athena is an insanely successful Rocket League streamer and competitor, with a major presence on TikTok, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube. That major presence adds up to a whopping 1.5 million followers, a number that is surely set to grow now that Athena is signed with Envy Gaming, an organization that has already signed a number of major streamers and Rocket League entertainers!

Athena might be joining Envy Gaming, but that's not all that has been happening in the lead-up to RLCS 11. Here's the latest!

Athena Signs with Envy Gaming

We can confirm that Athena has been signed by Envy Gaming, a major Esports and Entertainment organization. Her signing adds to Envy's growing network of influencers and content creators, some of whom include JustaMinx, BobbyPoff, and the Botez Sisters. In relation to the Athena-Envy signing, the organization's Chief Content Officer, Andrew Peterman, said the following:

“Athena is a great fit for the type of culture we’re looking to build... She’s one of the most popular Rocket League creators in the world, but remains relatable and down-to-earth. We’re excited to have her join Envy and grow with us.”

It's a pretty big moment for fans of Athena, whom is not only a skilled streamer, but a musician and skilled Rocket League player. Despite of her expertise in Rocket League, Athena popularized an amusing move - appropriately termed the "Athena Flick" - that involves a player missing the goal in an unbelievably spectacular way.

This acquisition is unbelievably exciting, with RLCS 11 on the horizon and Athena's history of competing successfully in The Grid, and her skills as a hilarious and incredibly entertaining Esports commentator. We have to admit, it is a stroke of genious for Envy Gaming to sign Athena, and we are sure that she will continue to grow and provide us with her signature wit, humor and irreverence under the Envy Gaming banner.

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