How to Fix Rocket League Error ce-34878-0

Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 is insanely common on PlayStation 4. Luckily, since it's so common, there are tried and tested methods to help you fix it!

Rocket league error ce 34878 0
Let's get on with things: here's how to fix Rocket League Error ce-34878-0. | © Psyonix

It's time to fix a bug in Rocket League. It's time to fix it in style, to fix it with finesse, it's time to fix it in the same way I would fix the kitchen sink: an online article. Actually, I wouldn't suggest doing that, maybe hire a plumber. What I do suggest, however, is to try some of these Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 fixes...

What is Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0?

Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 is an error caused by corrupted data on the PS4, and results in the game crashing. The error code often comes hand in hand with ce-36329-3, and can also be caused by various different system software problems. Let's be real, though, do you really care about what causes the error? No, not really, right? What's far more interesting (and important) is a potential fix! Thus, without further-ado, let's get on with just that...

How to Fix Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0

Perform a Hard Reboot

Turn your PS4 console and controller completely off, then turn it on again. Make sure that you have not just put the console to sleep, as it needs to be completely shut down. Putting your PS4 to sleep will do very little to fix Rocket League Error ce-34878-0, as it does not reset any of the processes that may be causing the error in the first place.

Make Sure that Rocket League is Fully Updated

You can do this from the PS4 Settings. Go to your games' library on your PS4, and navigate to Rocket League (or, indeed, any game that you want to check). Now you need to press options and select "Check for Update". Once this has run, you will either be told that the game is fully up-to-date, or you'll be prompted to install the remaining updates. If the latter is true, follow the on-screen prompts and this should resolve the problem.

Re-install Rocket League

You will want to completely delete Rocket League from your Hard Disk Drive, including all metadata and cached files, and re-download it with all the updates if you truly want to fix Error ce-34878-0. Don't worry, your Rocket League / Epic Games account data is stored remotely (in the cloud), so you won't lose your progress.

Uninstalling a game on PS4 is very simple, and basically the same as checking if a game is fully updated. All you need to do is navigate to your games' library, find the game you desire to delete / uninstall, press options, and select Delete from the menu. You will need to confirm your choice and also confirm that you want all metadata removed.

Reinstalling the game is also very easy. If you bought Rocket League prior to its free-to-play transition, you can install it from the disk, or from your games' library. If not, then re-download it from the PlayStation Store. It's free, so don't worry. You will need to fully update the game again and log back into your Rocket League / Epic Games Account.

Update the PlayStation 4 System Software

To update your PS4's System Software, you need to navigate to System Settings. You now need to select System Software Update (make sure that you are online whilst doing this, you can check in Network Settings by selecting "View Connection Status"). Once selecting System Software Update, you will be notified whether there are any outstanding System Updates. If there are any, install them and reboot the console afterwards.

Initialize Your PS4

Be aware that initializing will delete all the data on your PlayStation 4. Thus, make sure to back up all of your data (save files, screenshots, etc.) before proceeding. Also make sure to complete all previously suggested steps before attempting a System Initialize, as they may resolve Rocket League Error ce-34878-0 without the need to remove all the data from your PS4.

To initialize your PS4, you need to navigate to System Settings, select Initialization, and then choose the option labeled "Initialize PS4". You will then need to follow the on-screen prompts, and it will take quite a while. Again, this deletes all the system's non-critical data and resets everything to default settings (as if you had only just unboxed your PS4 for the first time), so do so with caution.

Contact Sony Support

If none of the above methods manage to resolve the issue, you can contact Sony Support via this link. Whilst waiting times can be long, and they are not always the best at fixing things for you, they can offer some additional assistance. Good luck!

Well, there you go. We hope that we helped you fix Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 and that you're now playin' Rocket League and having a bloody brilliant time. Yeah? You're enjoying it? No? Bugger, we're sorry. We hope that we helped, but if we didn't, remember to contact Sony Support, and as always, remember to eat a pizza.