Rocket League Tips: How to Dribble

Rocket league how to dribble
Dribble the ball, become a Rocket League legend! (Credit: Psyonix)

Dribbling is possibly the most essential Rocket League skill. To be a Rocket League legend, you need to maintain control of the ball, precision, and speed. Dribbling might seem easy, but it can be quite complicated and quite difficult. In this guide, we're going to take you through how to dribble in Rocket League, and continue our Rocket League guide series in style!

To be honest, we already have a fabulous video which details how to Dribble in Rocket League in a short and deliciously tasty three minutes. Voiced by the all-mighty Amidu Njiemoun, and written by the good ol' Daniel Ribeiro, it's not something that should be missed. We're not going to lead with that, though, because we think that you should exercise your brain and do a bit of reading. Enjoy our Rocket League guide to Dribbling!

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Rocket League Tips: What is Dribbling?

Dribbling is when you manage to drive across the field whilst keeping the ball on the roof of your car. It is not the traditional dribble, like in soccer, where you kick the ball a little in front of you, but think of it like carrying the ball in rugby. Dribbling in Rocket League is tricky, but if you master it, then it can be an incredibly effective way to outmaneuver your opponents, and maintain some real sweet ball control.

Rocket League Tips: How to Dribble

  • Get close to the ball.
  • Begin boosting into the ball.
  • From then on, just keep tapping boost slightly.
  • You need to maintain the boost, but not too much or the ball won't stay on top of your vehicle.
  • Make sure to turn the ball camera off, though. When it is on, it is insanely hard to dribble.
  • Remember: look at the white ring below you, not at the ball itself.
  • Make sure your car stays in the middle of the ring, then the ball stays on your back.
  • Once you have practiced dribbling, you can experiment with hitting the accelerator, breaking, and making sure you stay beneath the ball, whilst trying crazy tricks.

Rocket League Tips: Why Should I Dribble?

  • Dribbling guarantees good ball control, and is a great way to move and stay with the ball.
  • The Rocket League dribble is essential for many more high-level moves and tricks.
  • Dribbling is hard, but impressive. Don't you want to impress the ladies?

Well, that's about it. We hope that you loved our guide, and are ready to become a Rocket League pro. We love Rocket League, we love Dribbling, we love Wave Dashing, and we will be back very soon with more Rocket League guides. As we have mentioned multiple times at this point, we have a lot of sweet-ass guides, and you should definitely take a read... or watch, if you're lazy. Once again, thanks for reading.


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