How to Fix the Rocket League Party Failed Error

rocket league party failed error
How do you fix the Rocket League Party Error? Let's get a-fixin'! | © Psyonix

Many players are experiencing the Rocket League Party Error, which causes an inability to access and create parties when playing Rocket League with friends. We take a look at the Rocket League Party Failed Error, and what is causing it. Here's how to fix the Rocket League Party Failed Error. Let's dive in.

Are you trying to play Rocket League? Do you want to play with your friends? Are you getting an unbelievably annoying error message whilst trying to play with your friends? What's going on, we hear you ask. Well, you're probably getting the widely-experienced Rocket League Party Failed Error, and we can assure you that you're not alone. You're also not the only one who's a tad annoyed about the whole thing. Here is what causes, and how to fix, the Rocket League Party Failed Error...

The Rocket League Party Failed Error is not the only error that you might encounter in Rocket League, and it's not the only one you may need to fix. Here are a few more error guides to check back on if you encounter more problems...

What Causes the Rocket League Party Failed Error?

The Rocket League Party Failed Error is a common error wherein the player cannot join or is repeatedly kicked out of a party in the game, and is caused by a number of things. The error can be the result of a connection loss, or even a server timeout. It can also be caused by known problems on the PS4 related to User Accounts and PS Plus. These issues also have a wide variety of solutions, so let's jump in to those now.

How to Fix the Rocket League Party Failed Error

  • To fix on the PlayStation 4:
    • Click the PS Button on the controller.
    • Select power and then "Log Out of PS4".
    • Log back into your PS4.
    • Go back into Rocket League and you will get a message telling you that a PS Network Error has occurred.
    • After pressing okay, try to create a party again. Hopefully this will have fixed the problem.
    • This issue relates to an issue with your account, and it sync with the party. This solution has also proven to be effective on other systems like Xbox and Steam.
  • Try closing the application and rebooting it.
  • If this doesn't work, attempt a complete restart of your system.
  • Check your internet connection and reboot your router.
  • Try factory resetting your router and reconnecting it to your system.
  • Make sure that Rocket League is full up-to-date.
  • Reinstall Rocket League.
  • It could also be an issue with the Rocket League servers. If so, you just need to wait for the issue to be resolved.

Well, there you have it. A couple of fixes to the Rocket League Party Error. The most promising is the method used for the PS4, and remember: this same method can be replicated on Xbox, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully we have managed to fix the Rocket League Party Failed Error. Have a great down, and eat a pizza...

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