How to Get F1 and NASCAR Vehicles in Rocket League Season 3

Rocket league season 3 f1 and nascar
Rocket League Season 3 has boasted about its NASCAR and F1 collaboration, but what's the reality? (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Season 3 is here, and we've already seen the Tyranno and DFH Stadium (Circuit) grace our favorite car-football game. The thing is, what about the other motorsports-themed vehicles? What about the NASCAR and F1 Collaboration? Well, we have all the answers for you right here.

Whilst Rocket League Season 3 is already underway, not everything has been added just yet. Now, that might sound "okay", until you realize the real lack of new content that Season 3 actually offers. The same map, with a racing track around the edge? Bo-ring. Give me something more interesting, what about this NASCAR and Formula 1 crossover?

This latest batch of content has screamed one thing, and one thing only: tired. Like the cat above, we sit here waiting for the real new content to come. On we wait, eating our pizza, drinking our Mountain Dew, sanding our nails, and waiting for Rocket League Season 3 to actually deliver something...

How to Get F1 and NASCAR Vehicles in Rocket League Season 3

Despite the advertisements, the F1 and NASCAR Vehicles are not really Season 3 content, rather, they are paid cosmetic bundles. They are new cosmetic content that, yes, will be released during the run-time of Rocket League Season 3, but can hardly be considered Season 3 content.

It's a big advertising point, it's a big crossover, it's big money, none of these things are up for discussion. The thing is, they are not available yet, and once they are available, they will not be a part of the Rocket Pass. Instead, you will have to jump over to the store and purchase the bundles for real-life money.

What is the Rocket League F1 and NASCAR Bundle Release Date?

The F1 and NASCAR cars and cosmetic bundles will be released in Rocket League sometime during May. We do not have a specific release date for the bundles, but Psyonix has confirmed that the crossover vehicles will hit Rocket League Season 3 in May.

Well, we're not really sure if we're excited, but Psyonix definitely seems to be:

"Get ready for the most high-octane season yet, featuring a new Rocket Pass, Challenges, and content from NASCAR and Formula 1 coming in May!"

Could this be the beginning of Epic Games' true influence on Rocket League? We can't remember a more disappointing Rocket League Season, and boy-oh-boy are we unhappy with this current situation. Why release so little content, and why release a massive portion of the little content that you do have, way after Rocket League Season 3's launch, and not as Rocket Pass content?

The answer to that question? Well, nobody knows...


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