Rocket League Encryption: Decal Details, Price & How to Get

Rocket league encryption
Is everything encrypted? Hang on... what's the Rocket League Encryption? | © Psyonix

The Rocket League Encryption Decal is here, and it's a stunning addition to not just the Auriga Series, but Rocket League as a whole. Let's take a look at all the Rocket League Encryption Decal details, everything that you need to know, and let's nerd out about how fabulous this new Encryption Decal looks! Oh, and let's dive into the Rocket League Encryption Decal price, and what's in the Auriga Series.

Ah beautiful. The new Rocket League Encryption decal is simply stunning, and that little bit of alliteration is never going to pay it justice. Anyway, it's cool, there are symbols all over it, it looks fabulous, I'd like to eat it for breakfast, and you should too. This is possibly one of the best items in the current Rocket League Auriga Series, and it's a whole lot of fun. What's the Rocket League Encryption decal price and details, and what's in this bizarre new end-of-season-3 series?

Oh jeez, the Rocket League Encryption Decal is pretty dope, isn't it? Let's take a look at a few other cool new Rocket League items. Here are a few sweet-ass Rocket League Items from the last few weeks...

What is the Rocket League Encryption Decal?

The Rocket League Encryption Decal is the brand new decal added as part of the new Auriga Series of items, meant to celebrate the end of Season 3. It's insanely cool-looking, with symbols plastering its surfaces, and some pretty poppy colors. It's worth celebrating, it's worth checking out. It's worth having a look at (that's what we just said) and, depending on its price, it may or may not be worth a purchase. Seriously. Look at the Thumbnail, and check out some pics of this bad-boy on Google. Hang on, how do you get it, and how much does it cost?

How to Get the Rocket League Encryption Decal

You can either get the Rocket League Encryption Decal as a blueprint, or via Trade-Ins. It's not a bundle, and is not available in the Item Shop at the moment – I mean, obviously, all you need to do is read our daily item shop article to find that out – but it can be unlocked as a blueprint after online matches. That sounds fabulous, doesn't it?

How much is the Rocket League Encryption Decal Price?

You can build the Rocket League Encryption decal blueprint for 2200 Rocket League credits, or around $20 USD. Whilst this is an insanely high price for a bloody decal, it's unsurprising for a Black Market Rocket League Item. Seriously, though, who has this kind of money for a freaking decal? Certainly not me... certainly not me...

What's In the Rocket League Auriga Series?

  • Dingo (body)
  • Glitch decal
  • Astro-CSX wheels
  • Humid Haze animated decal
  • Encryption decal
  • Inamorata goal explosion

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